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Home » Prevention Over the Cure: A 3D Face Refresh at Viva Skin Clinics

Prevention Over the Cure: A 3D Face Refresh at Viva Skin Clinics

I’m all about prevention over the cure and on that note, I take very good care of my skin. It’s the little things that add up over time that equate to great skin. It’s like going to the gym – you have to maintain your skin in the same way. I’ve got a skincare routine that I’ve honed after years of talking to experts and after trialing products. It’s a labour of love, let me tell you! And even with the very best skincare routine, we still need a little help now and again in terms of prevention. Over time our skin loses collagen and elastin. You can think of the structure of the skin like a roof, something that once stood firm and straight but over time loses a little bit of structure due to age, environment, etc. So, what happens is that the roof starts to sag a little bit. It’s inevitable but if you want to look your best at any age then fillers can add that stability and structure back into the skin. Hence, today I’m talking about the best fillers in London and how you can use fillers to look less tired with a 3D Face Refresh at Viva Skin Clinics.

3D Face Refresh at Viva Skin Clinics 3D Face Refresh at Viva Skin Clinics

I’m all about fillers that look natural because what fillers should do is simply enhance what you already have. I think a lot of people get nervous about the word ‘filler’ because they think of duck lips or a ‘pillow face’ look – i.e. puffy and not natural. Unfortunately all the press has been on filler that has been done badly, not the other way around and you have to see the right professional who will be able to look at the structure of your face and give you exactly what you need to give it a lift.

Hence, I found myself back for a 3D Face Refresh at Viva Skin Clinics (which is where to get the best fillers in London) with Dr. Rupert. I visited Dr. Rupert around the same time last year for a 3D Face Refresh which is exactly what it says it is – a full 3D refresher for the whole face. Dr. Rupert examines the structure of your skin and identifies where it needs extra support and that’s when the filler comes in (of which he uses the Juvederm Vycross range of dermal fillers). The below images are the ‘before fillers’ pictures because I am going to show you before/after fillers images. I’m not wearing any make-up in the images except maybe a touch of mascara so what you see is what you get!

before fillers pic before fillers pic before fillers pic

In my case I need a little bit of lifting on the cheeks and on the nasolabial lines which I felt had become a bit heavy. What I like about the 3D Face Refresh is that it makes you look less tired. I lead a crazy busy life, working two full-time jobs (yep that’s close to an 80-hour work week) so its inevitable that I’m going to look exhausted. And being well into my 30s I’ve already started to lose a bit of elasticity within the skin so I need to really work hard now on prevention so that when I reach my 40s, I will be giving myself a big pat on the back!

Filler was inserted into the tops of my cheekbones to give my face more of a lifted, V-shape and also on the contour line just under my cheekbones as well to lift those nasolabial lines. The images below have not been retouched or enhanced in any way simply because I want you to see exactly as it is. You can see in the below image that the filler has been applied to the top cheekbones on the left side of my face when you look directly at this image.

best fillers in london Dr. Rupert at Viva Skin Clinics

Also I have to say that I am also such a HUGE fan of tear trough fillers. I had them done last year with Dr. Rupert and honestly, they make such a difference to my face. Where I was looking exhausted and drawn before, I’m now looking refreshed. Also, fillers last up to a year so you do get good value for your money. If you think about how much you would spend on facials (and I do think regular facials are important too!) and how long the effect lasts then you would be happy to know the refreshed look from fillers can last up to one full year.

What I like about the 3D Face Refresh is that it is bespoke to you. The enhancements are subtle enough so that most people will think you might have spent 2 weeks at a spa because you look so refreshed or that you had a very restful weekend. It simply enhances what you have so you can be the best version of you.

The final thing I love to get are lip fillers. Now I like a lip filler that is natural and subtle but plump enough to really rock a red lipstick. I love bold colours of lipstick and I noticed that I’m so much more confident when I can wear them with a full lip. Again, people get nervous of lip fillers only because of bad press but you can have a very subtle lip enhancement which is so nice. The below images are the ‘after fillers’ pictures from the full 3D Face Refresh.

after fillers pic after fillers pic after fillers pic

It’s also useful to see the two images compared side-by-side so you can see in the below image that the top photo is the ‘before fillers’ image and the bottom is the ‘after fillers’ image. Subtle but definitely noticeable!before/after filler pics

Another question that people ask me is if fillers hurt. The good thing about visiting Dr. Rupert and Viva Skin Clinics is that they do put numbing cream on your face before the procedure which numbs all the pain. I honestly don’t think it hurts. A chemical peel hurts but fillers? Totally fine. So, what have you got to lose in the end? It is definitely worth booking in a consultation with Viva Skin Clinics so that you feel comfortable with what you are doing and always, always see a highly trained professional when going in for an aesthetic treatment.

*this post was in collaboration with Viva Skin Clinics as a review of their treatments but I’m a 2nd time visitor so I promise the treatments are good! All opinions are my own as always. 


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