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My Travel Skincare Routine: Your On-The-Go Guide

People often ask me what kind of skincare I take with me when travelling and how important a travel skincare routine is when you are on-the-go…

Well, the answer is that my skincare routine is still very important to me when I travel – especially because change of climates and air travel sometimes make my skin go berserk. Therefore, it’s important to stick to a good travel skincare routine in order to minimize any skin irritation or break-outs that might occur from travelling. Even on a staycation here in the UK you still have to wear masks everywhere you go (especially inside of hotels and restaurants) so maskne is also a very real thing to consider – just another reason why it’s important to maintain a good travel skincare routine.

Travel Skincare Routine

I’m going to be telling you all about my travel skincare routine that I recently followed that worked really well for me on my staycation to the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland.

Travel Skincare Routine

First of all, the weather is VERY unpredictable on the Scottish Isles so you have to prepare for four seasons in a day. The only way to get to the isles is by plane or ferry so from London it made sense to hop on a flight. The only thing about air travel is that you have to wear a mask the whole time on the plane. So coupled with the dry air inside the cabin (and also the mask potentially being a cause of breakouts), I thought it was important to make sure to clean my skin as soon as I arrived.

Travel Skincare Routine Travel Skincare Routine

In the morning (and also after getting off the plane), I stick to a very simple travel skincare routine of cleanse and moisturise. The last thing I want to do when travelling is carry all of my products with me – weight is an issue! Also, there’s the matter of time – I don’t want to keep people waiting on me in the morning whilst I’m doing my routine, especially when everyone is anxious to go sightseeing!

In the morning, the first thing I do is simply do one cleanse with the My Perfect Wash from My Perfect Cosmetics. This is a lovely cleanser that I’ve spoken about before – you honestly only need a pea-sized drop to cleanse the whole face. It cleanses the entire face in one go (I use it at night too – to remove make-up and dirt) but doesn’t strip the skin at all.

My Perfect Cosmetics Review My Perfect Cosmetics Review My Perfect Cosmetics Review My Perfect Cosmetics Review

Once I’ve cleansed my skin I move on to moisturiser. Again, it’s all about saving time when you are travelling because there are lots of exciting things to see and do so you want to focus on the most efficient travel skincare routine as possible. The moisturiser I’ve been using is the My Perfect Day from My Perfect Cosmetics. It’s so lovely, soothing and super hydrating.

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I even carried mine on the plane so that I could top up my moisture levels as soon as I got off the plane and was able to take off my mask. I also packed it in my day bag as the wind was so strong on the Isle of Harris and also it was chilly! Hence, sometimes my skin felt red and irritated from the wind and I found that the My Perfect Day moisturiser really helped.

My Perfect Cosmetics Review

For my nighttime skincare routine when I travel, I absolutely love to use a sheet mask. So, once I’ve cleansed my skin at night, I use the My Perfect Mask from My Perfect Cosmetics – it’s an ultra-hydrating sheet mask that feels so good on the skin. As I said, with the change in climate and also the air travel, my skin gets dry and irritated so having a sheet mask ‘moment’ in the evenings really helped my skin to feel soothed. I definitely recommend this mask as a travel essential! You just need to leave it on for 20 minutes at night and it can replace the need for serum so all you have to do when you are finished with the mask is moisturise!

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For a nighttime moisturiser, I reached for the My Perfect Night Cream from My Perfect Cosmetics. Our skin goes into rest and repair mode while sleeping and I swear our skin is working double time when we travel as it is exposed to new environmental aggressors. So, using a good night cream is essential to waking up bright-eyed and fresh-faced for a whole new day of exploring ahead! The My Perfect Night Cream is like beauty sleep in a bottle – truly! It’s so hydrating without being too rich and too greasy which I appreciate. It’s also full of antioxidants and has squalene which is great for hydrating the skin. I’ll never leave home without it in the future!

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What’s your favourite travel essential when it comes to beauty?

*This post is in collaboration with My Perfect Cosmetics but all views and opinions are my own, as always!


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