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10-Minute Morning Beauty Routine: Your Whole Routine in Under 10 min!

If someone told you that you could do your entire skincare and make-up routine in under 10 minutes, would you believe them? Trust me, I would find it hard too! But the fact is that it’s actually achievable – I know because I decided to set myself a 10-minute morning beauty routine challenge – and even had time left at the end!

10-Minute Morning Beauty Routine

So, for a 10-minute morning beauty routine you need the right products and ones that do the job quickly and efficiently. To start, I used the My Perfect Cosmetics My Perfect Wash which is such a lovely gentle foaming cleanser. Even for me (who is a fan of a double cleanse), I found that I only needed one wash with this to get everything off my face. I’ve tried it in the evening with make-up as well and still – just one wash is needed. It’s a speedy way to get dirt, oil, pollution and make-up off your skin.

10-Minute Morning Beauty Routine 10-Minute Morning Beauty Routine 10-Minute Morning Beauty Routine

In the morning, you really only need one cleanse, as you shouldn’t have any make-up on your skin. So why is this cleanser so good? The My Perfect Wash is full of amino acids that help to rejuvenate your skin barrier. Breaking down make-up and surface residue while hydrating, repairing and rejuvenating the skin. I love that it doesn’t make my skin feel tight or dry after using it. It contains berry extract, which is packed with antioxidants that help protect skin against environmental aggressors. And to top it all off there’s grape seed extract which is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, and helps keep skin supple. A bit of a skincare dream in one product.

10-Minute Morning Beauty Routine 10-Minute Morning Beauty Routine

Once you have cleansed your skin (it took me about a minute and a half) you can then apply My Perfect Cosmetics My Perfect Day . I love the pump applicator and really you just need one pump of this cream to cover your entire face, neck and décolletage.

My Perfect Cosmetics My Perfect Day My Perfect Cosmetics My Perfect Day

My skin literally drinks this up and no wonder because it’s  designed to give your skin 12 hours of hydration (woohoo) so it’s great for thirsty skin like mine.

For any skincare routine and especially the 10-minute morning beauty routine, I’m a big fan of the dewy skin look, and this cream really helps me to achieve that in a hurry. It’s able to do that because it contains Collagen which helps to improve skin elasticity and reduce visible wrinkles, Vitamin E to help protect against antioxidants and the incredible Argireline peptide which helps to relax the muscles of the face, mimicking the effect of injectable treatments, helping to prevent the  contracting muscle movements that leads to wrinkle formation.

My Perfect Cosmetics My Perfect Day

Once you have moisturised you can then move on to the eyes! The eyes are the key to the soul they say, but they can also show how tired you are in an instant. I love the My Perfect Eyes which is like an instant filter for the undereye area. The invisible veil immediately reduces fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, puffiness – it’s AMAZING! Honestly once you try this you will know what I mean.

My Perfect Eyes My Perfect Eyes

All you need for this effect is one minute (and the effect can last up to 8 hours). To achieve it, I simply use the My Perfect Foundation Brush to sweep the product in an outwards stroke under the eyes. If you read my previous post about My Perfect Eyes you will know that you can’t use any oil-based products, as that will break up the invisible veil that is hiding your fine lines and dark circles. Therefore, it’s important to use a brush to apply this and not your finger, simply as we have natural oils on our fingers which could impact the product’s effectiveness.

My Perfect Foundation Brush

And because you can’t use any oil-based products around your eyes once you have applied My Perfect Eyes it’s best to then move on to an oil-free foundation – here we meet My Perfect Foundation!

My Perfect Foundation My Perfect Foundation

My Perfect Foundation has a matte-velvet finish,  so it’s really lightweight on the skin but offers good coverage. There are three shades of My Perfect Foundation but these are colour-adapting shades so once you blend them into your skin, they adapt to your skin tone. There’s a Light, Medium and Dark shade for various skin tones. Upon first look, I  thought the Light shade would be too dark for my skin. But once I blended it in, it was actually perfect! It super easy to blend and because it’s a matte-velvet texture, you don’t need any powder so you can skip that step, making your 10-minute morning beauty routine that much faster!

My Perfect Foundation My Perfect FoundationMy Perfect Foundation My Perfect Foundation My Perfect Foundation

The very last step is lashes! I never leave the house without mascara and it’s the one product that really pulls your whole look together and makes you look more vibrant and awake. At the end of the day, we all just want to look more refreshed and well, mascara will certainly give you that effect.

My Perfect Cosmetics Review

Now the My Perfect Lashes Mascara is no normal mascara. This is a fibre-extending mascara which is incredible at giving you thicker and fuller lashes in no time at all. You can also layer this mascara on so it’s buildable – you can go as thick and full as you want!

My Perfect Cosmetics Review

So how you use this is by first applying a coat of the mascara (the purple end of the tube). While that is still wet you will then apply a second coat of the lash fibres (from the white side of the tube) which will stick to the wet mascara. You then apply a second coat of the mascara and boom – luscious lashes at the ready!

My Perfect Cosmetics Review My Perfect Cosmetics Review

You may be surprised to know that this entire 10-minute morning beauty routine was timed. I still had nearly two minutes remaining when I stopped the timer  so this entire routine took me just a bit over eight minutes. EIGHT MINUTES to get out the door covering all bases, from skincare to make-up. We are all busy these days and people often tell me they don’t have time for extensive skincare routines. This just shows that you can still have an effective skincare routine in under 10 minutes.


*This post is in collaboration with My Perfect Cosmetics but all words and opinions are my own as always!



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