Rodial: The Paparazzi Day Sculpt and Interview with Owner Maria Hatzistefanis

Rodial is a luxury skincare, make-up and bodycare brand based in London and started by Maria Hatzistefanis. It was founded in 1999 and designed to be used as an alternative to plastic surgery as well as falling in the gap between scientific and more natural-based skincare.

Rodial has recently launched a contouring range within their collection, the first make-up range to be launched especially for contouring and definition and of which Daisy Lowe is the face of.


I was invited to get a ‘Paparrazzi Day Sculpt’ to trial Rodial’s new contouring line. As a bonus I was also able to interview the glamourous owner of the brand – Maria Hatzistefanis – to find out more about the range.


Beauty Rocks: What inspired you to launch a make-up range within the Rodial brand?

MH: Launching make-up with Rodial seemed like the next natural progression for us. We are all about sculpting and firming the skin. A sculpting make-up range means we could complete the beauty stages for our customers.  We were inspired from our own products and the massive increase in the need to sculpt and contour the face.

Beauty Rocks: How did you get into the beauty industry?

MH: I have always had a huge passion for the Beauty & Fashion industry from a very young age! I have worked in number of different jobs roles, including a beauty editor for Seventeen magazine.  My heart has always been in the beauty world. I noticed a niche in the market, there was no skincare brand that offered alternatives to plastic surgery. I wanted to a make a luxury brand that provides consumers with products that contain active ingredients, that are used in plastic surgery, without all the needles and complications.

Beauty Rocks: What are your top three products from the Rodial make-up collection?

MH: It’s tough as I love the whole range! My favourite products would have to be the Contouring powder as it’s so easy to use and you really can achieve the perfect sculpted look in 3 minutes. I also love the Eye Sculpt it’s a great universal shade, that suits all eye colours! It works to sculpt the eye area and can be used on brows for extra definition. The Instaglam Highlight Pen again its super easy to use, and you can apply to all areas of the face you want to highlight, it’s a yellow universal colour and for me completes the sculpted Rodial look.

(Thanks Maria!) I was also able to have the magic of Rodial contouring demonstrated on me with a 15 minute sculpting lesson using the below tools.

INSTAGLAM COMPACT DELUXE CONTOURING POWDER – this powder is a nice honey colour so still looks natural and not too dark like some contouring/bronzing powders that end up just making your face look dirty. This should be applied on the hollows of your cheeks and swiped into the hairline. The best way to do it is to make a fish face and suck in the cheeks so you can easily find those hollows!


THE SCULPTING BRUSH – this brush’s shape makes it perfect for contouring and keeping a straight line to be swept right up into the hairline.

 IMG_7499 IMG_7500

INSTAGLAM COMPACT DELUXE TRANSLUCENT HD POWDER – this powder is lovely and is a setting powder that mattifies skin without taking away its glow. This was my star product pick as I loved the compact it came in and the product inside of it. This will be my new handbag hero for sure!


The finished product! With a touch of Glamstick in ‘Revenge’ I was good to go!



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