Beauty Rocks Reviews: The Pulse Light Clinic (Part Two)

As you may know, I previously posted on the Pulse Light Clinic as I am trying out IPL Photo Rejuvenation for the first time! This is a very exciting venture as I haven’t tried laser treatment before and have never done more to my face than just treating it very kindly with nice moisturisers and serums.

To see my post which will tell you all about the background of IPL laser treatment and how it works please see here first:

Photo Rejuvenation, as I have covered previously is a non-invasive and low-risk IPL treatment for the face which can improve the visible signs of ageing, skin pigmentation from sun damage and rosacea. It can even reduce large pores and revitalise a dull complexion, producing smoother, even-toned and more youthful skin. It’s great for 30-something skin as this is just when pigmentation starts to occur and skin becomes duller.

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When I went in for my first treatment I wasn’t able to be treated as my skin had been exposed to strong sunlight on a recent beach holiday. One thing is if you are getting IPL Photo Rejuvenation you cannot expose your face to the sun! No tanning or fake tanning prior to treatments and no sun exposure during the treatments so if you are considering getting Photo Rejuvenation make sure that you are not planning any beach holidays! Treat it as a commitment, like a diet. The reason that you cannot be exposed to the sun is because IPL increases sun sensitivity and you can develop hyperpigmentation in the form of brown sun spots that subsequently cannot be treated so you end up with the very thing that IPL has tried to fix. Not something you would want to risk.

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So I waited three weeks until my tan had faded and then went in for my first treatment. I won’t lie and say the treatment is comfortable but it’s nothing to be scared of. A cool gel is applied to the face and the laser treatment begins. You will feel hot zaps and pinches against your skin, with the strongest being around sensitive areas such as the nose.

The treatment lasts about 20-30 minutes and once it is over you can immediately apply moisturiser or make-up so there is no downtime. This is why Photo Rejuvenation makes the perfect lunchtime treatment – you can squeeze it in and there is no downtime or redness so you can carry on with your life – unlike some other treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion.

I noticed after the first treatment that a few ‘tiny as a pinhead’ dark marks appeared on my cheeks and the two moles on my face had darkened slightly. At first I was a bit nervous when I noticed it, but then Googled it and found a forum where it was explained that this is completely natural. The dark parts appeared on an old acne scar and some pigmented areas. However, after about a week they disappeared and clearer skin was left in its place.

I could really notice a difference about 2.5 weeks after the treatment and a few people told me that my skin looked full and glowing! I could tell that my complexion looked brighter and clearer – I am very pleased and will definitely carry on with the treatment. I have had microdermabrasion treatments in the past and I must say the IPL Photo Rejuvenation has much better results!

I went in for my 2nd treatment this past Saturday. My skin seemed to have gotten used to the hot pinches so the treatment wasn’t as uncomfortable.

I checked with Nadia, my therapist, about the tiny black marks that had temporarily appeared after the first treatment and she confirmed that this was completely normal and this was just dead skin that would fall off.

With the second treatment now completed, I noticed only two new tiny black marks on the side of my nose had appeared but no other black marks. I can’t wait until my next appointment as I am definitely starting to see a smoother and brighter complexion! If you are planning on spending hundreds of dollars on a cream, I would suggest getting the Photo Rejuvenation instead as the results will appear faster and are guaranteed to work.

My third treatment will focus more on treating fine lines around the eyes as well as reaching the deeper acne scars. Stay tuned for my next update!

Further notes:

The Pulse Light Clinic offer free consultations on all IPL treatments and this gives you the opportunity to talk to your technician and ask all the questions you have and to see if your skin will take well to the treatment. Book Your Free Consultation by calling 0207 283 8139 or visit the website.

The Pulse Light Clinic also offers a range of other services such as hair removal.


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