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Beauty Rocks Visits: Robert Kirby London

Sometimes we don’t always know what we need. It’s like the Rolling Stones song that goes, ‘you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might just get what you need.’




When I went to Robert Kirby (who owns Robert Kirby London Salon) in leafy Balham last Saturday, I wanted to get my half-head of highlights retouched. My highlights had been botched on my previous trip to the hairdressers (who was NOT Robert Kirby!). They had been over-bleached, leading to what looked like zebra stripes on the top of my head. Not a pretty look and one I had to expertly cover up by changing my side parting. Now that they were growing out, there was no hiding any more and even my clever side part couldn’t disguise the damage any more.

I am a natural dark blonde but had been getting a half-head of highlights for years to brighten up my hair and give it a beachy look. For the last few years I have been really happy with this look because I felt like it gave me a ‘I live on the beach’ kind of look.

However, I don’t live by the beach and in London am rather far from one! Having spent plenty of time in both California and in Australia however, it was hard to let this beach hair look go. In London, none of my Californian or Australian clothes work so it comes as no surprise the beach blonde wasn’t really working any more either.

And that’s exactly what Robert Kirby recommended.

He advised blonde highlights were too light for my skin tone and the colour was washing me out and ageing me. So an all-over colour of a ‘rose gold’ was recommended. As Robert has been working in the hair industry for over 30 years, I definitely trusted his advice! Needless to say, I was in good hands! With a background of working for Vidal Sassoon, winner of a L’Oreal Colour Award, a member of the creative team for the Sanrizz group, a regular at London Fashion Week and UK Colour Ambassador for Danish Hair Brand ‘ID’, he has plenty of experience.

The colour was applied and left on for about an hour to work. I was happy to sit with the latest issue of Tatler and drink a cappucino. Once the colour was ready to be washed out, I was given a lovely head massage and a treatment was left in my hair to work its magic.


So what was the final look? A lovely soft rose-gold look that instantly warmed up my skin, making me even look like I had a slight tan!






Robert believes in quality over quantity and I felt he was really honest with me and cared about what was best for my hair and my look. We don’t always know what’s good for us. Let me put it to you this way. We may like and enjoy having a croissant every morning for breakfast but until someone shakes us and says it’s not really that great for you, we finally come to our senses and switch to organic muesli. It’s sometimes like that with hair. It’s easy to spot someone with really bad hair and you know that they have never gone to a really good hairdresser that will tell them honestly and openly what will work best for them and their hair.

With Robert, I knew he had my hair’s best interest at heart. Robert’s philosophy when it comes to hair is ‘if you look good, he looks good.’ That explains everything!

If you are looking for honest advice with what to do with your hair and what is going to look best on you, I would highly recommend seeing Robert. He’s a bit of a hair genius actually:)

For location and opening hours, please visit the website here.





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