Breaking Beauty News! Lush Opens Their Largest Store in the World on Oxford Street!

Lush – who hasn’t heard of them? Natural beauty brand and champion of handmade cosmetics that smell like a dream, it’s a brand definitely worth making a personal relationship with. I was able to take a sneak peek at their new flagship store which opened to the public on Friday (24th April, 2015) on Oxford Street!


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The Oxford Street Store is actually the LARGEST STORE IN THE WORLD so definitely worth a visit! The store has three floors full of goodies and it’s actually 13 times larger than the brand’s international shop average so if you love Lush then you’ll definitely love visiting the Oxford Street store. Some of the products that will be at the new store will be exclusive to that particular store so if you want to discover some NEW Lush products, I would recommend heading there ASAP to find some new beauty buys.


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Over 200 new products, new packaging designs and sizes are launching exclusively at Oxford Street. Another exciting thing about Lush Oxford Street is that they are opening a Lush Spa. The Lush Spa will also launch their newest treatment, The Planets, exclusively for the opening. The Planets is a three-hour long immersive treatment incorporating seven planets from our solar system and takes you on a journey to past present and future.I can’t wait to try!

So what are your favourite Lush products?


Well, we all know that no one can make a bath bomb like Lush – they are one of the reasons I first discovered the brand. I’ve got the Frozen bath bomb (and I don’t want to ‘let it go’ anytime soon) and the Pink Flamingo bath bomb. Both of them are really cute, smell amazing and make your bath time fun again!



For hair I’ve got Jersey bounce! Jersey bounce has sea salt in it which is really exfoliating on the scalp. I used it and it lathered amazingly and did indeed give me a ‘Jersey Bounce’. The next day my hair was full of volume and unbelievably bouncy.


I also tried ‘Damaged’, which is a leave-in hair treatment for your hair. It contains vanilla and avocado oils to really nourish dry, stressed-out hair. With Damaged, you simply add hot water to a small bowl and stir the Damaged stick in the water to create the formula. You then leave it on your hair for 20 minutes before shampooing it out. I tried it and then washed it out with Jersey Bounce and the next day my hair felt really shiny and very smooth.



My star pick from Lush that I have tried recently is the ‘Lord of Misrule’ Moisturizing Shower Cream. It smells absolutely amazing with a very herbalicious blend containing patchouli (which is a really interesting blend for a shower gel and mixes things up a bit). It’s also green which makes showering in the morning a bit more fun!


Lush also makes amazing soaps that smell delicious and smell good enough to eat. I’ve got the ‘Respect Your Elders’ hand and body soap which will brighten up any bathroom and I’ve also got the ‘Oxford Street’ hand and body soap which is very exciting because it’s exclusive to the Oxford Street store and takes the very best of the Lush soaps and combines them in one.



Last but certainly not least are the Lush Ginger Buttercup balls – basically you can use them to get ready for a night out because they contain sparkly golden glitter that will give your skin sheen and a shine like never before. Simply rub them over the spots you want to glow like your collarbone or tops of the shoulders. You could even use this at festivals on your face if you wanted to be glittery (and who doesn’t?). There’s surely an excuse to use them somewhere!



What are your favourite Lush products?


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