Eyes. Lips. Face. Nails. Scent.

A few exciting beauty products have landed on my beauty desk this week and I am picking one each for the five categories of Eyes, Lips, Face, Nails and Scent to tell you all about!


I love purple. Probably because I have green eyes and fair skin and purple seems to really make my eyes pop. I love a smoky eye using purples and so it was without a doubt that I would fall in love with Fashion Fair Eye Shadow in Amethyst. The colour is a part of their Carnival Collection which celebrates the vibe of the sunny Caribbean! This is a deep matte purple that is great for adding to the crease of your eye for allure or to smudge around the eyes for a sexy smoky look. Great for all eye colours but especially green (wink wink).




As I am on to all things purple these days I thought why not extend my passion for purple to my lips? Fashion Fair makes a gorgeous lipstick in Grapesicle, also a part of the Carnival Collection. The colour is a crushed grape- a deep berry shade and it is stunning. The name alone makes me really wish for a grapesicle (a grape popsicle). Wear it alone with minimal eye make-up to really make it stand out.



Smashbox is great at primers. As the brand was created in an L.A. studio where serious photoshoots were taking place, the products had to be up to par and perform well under bright lights and hours of creative direction! This Photo Finish Color Correcting Adjust Primer is great for targeting redness or uneven, pigmented skin. By providing a thin veil over the skin that feels like silk, it goes above and beyond the usual call of duty for a primer (due to the green tint) so not only does it provide a smooth base for your foundation but also helps to smooth out unevenness.



With everyone always taking selfies, I really love Lottie London – the brand is all about being #selfie ready and this Look at Me Mirror is perfect for #selfie prepping and it looks cute in your handbag. Two points!




Again I like the philosophy behind Lottie London. The branding is perfect for the #selfie generation and the Lottie London Fave File just begs to be put in an iPhone album next to your #manimonday nails pic. First we had the statement t-shirt and now we have the statement nail file. Love it. DSC_0316


I love a product that multi-tasks. Probably because I am a busy bee and like products that can either travel with me or perform multiple functions! This Le Soft Perfume in La Reine Soleil has just launched and it is not only the perfect handbag size, but also the perfect pocket size. It’s a solid perfume and there are 12 in the range. They are affordable at £20.00 each and the great thing about them is that they are natural!


Mine is an oriental scent with top notes of bergamot and lemon, middle notes of honey, ylang ylang and heliotrope as well as base notes of vanilla, patchouli and musk. The base is shea butter and contains plant extracts which offers the skin a long-lasting fragrance which absorbs into the skin. I like rubbing it into pulse points for an enduring scent. This would be a great fragrance for anyone thinking of switching to a natural perfume.



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