Return of the Mask

I’ve always loved face masks and having lived in Japan for four years and travelled extensively around Asia, I’ve been a fan of sheet masks for awhile!

So I was very excited when Masque Bar landed on my desk. Masque Bar is a brand from Korea (available from Boots) that specialises in the thing that Korea does very well – the sheet mask! As a fan of other Korean brands that do great sheet masks such as Nature Republic and The Face Shop, I am very familiar with the benefits of using them.


I have the Masque Bar Brightening Sheet Mask which is great to use before bed as you won’t want to rinse off any residue from the mask. The mask contains a lot of citrus acids which will help exfoliate any dead skin cells remaining on the skin to help brighten its appearance. It stings slightly upon application but fear not, it’s just the zestiness of the fruit acids. You are meant to leave the mask on between 20-30 minutes but I left mine on for 45 and it still hadn’t completely dried out. The next morning I did actually think my skin looked brighter than before! Think of this as a Vitamin C infusion for the skin.


I also have the Masque Bar Pore Refining Crème Mask Masque Bar Pore Refining Crème Mask which minimizes the appearance of pores for a more refined and even complexion. It’s great for oily skin like mine and contains both Coenzyme Q-10 and anti-oxidants for balanced and smooth skin!

So we talked about masks for the face but what about for the eyes? The poor eyes often get left behind in the facial mask world but not if you have Face D 3-Luronics Instant Effect Depuffing Eye Mask.


This mask targets puffy eyes prone to bags and dark circles in the morning. It will also smooth fine lines due to the instant hydration ability! Again it’s great to think of this as a drink for the skin around the eyes. Imagine your skin being exposed to daily pollution, radiation, UV light, etc that can leave it in need of a good long drink! A healthy one that is.

The Depuffing Eye Masks contain hyaluronic acid which increase skin’s hydration by 16% in just 15 minutes. Great to use before a night out as well! The mask reduces bags by 12% on the first application and by 25.5% after one month (with bi-weekly treatments). The mask is available exclusively from Lloyds Pharmacy.


I definitely noticed a difference with these – the fine lines that you could see under my eyes seemed like they had been filled in and my under eye area seemed less hollow. This is from the skin soaking in the hyaluronic acid -which provides an instant plumping effect. With continued use I hope that my fine lines will be smoothed away forever!

So what’s your favourite mask?





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