Breaking Beauty News: The Body Shop Launching Virgin Mojito Range!

Guess what The Body Shop have got up their sleeve? On June 2nd (Tuesday) they are launching a Limited Edition Virgin Mojito Happy Hour collection. I was lucky enough to be able to have a peek at this zesty range – namely the Virgin Mojito Body Butter.


I’ve always been a huge fan of The Body Shop’s Body Butter. I think it is their cult classic range and it’s a product everyone knows about and loves. I am a devoted fan to the Cocoa Butter Body Butter – it’s rich and creamy in texture, just as a body butter should be and provides intense moisturise for hours on end. I’ve been buying this product for years.

So I was very excited to learn about the Limited Edition Virgin Mojito range – mostly because it sounds like it would smell amazing. And it does. It actually smells like a Mojito with a refreshing scent of crisp, fresh mint blended with a twist of freshly squeezed lime. No joke – I had to actually go out and buy some limes to put in my sparkling water – that’s how much the Virgin Mojito evokes the feeling of an actual Mojito. Yum.


My opinion? This is a perfect option for summer – I still like using a body butter in the summer because the sun can easily parch my skin and I like to keep it intensely moisturised all-year long. The smell of this also amazing! Just one warning though – it may send you straight to Happy Hour to get the real thing.




The Limited Edition range includes: Virgin Mojito Body Butter 200ml, Virgin Mojito Body Scrub 250ml, Virgin Mojito Shower Gel 250ml and Virgin Mojito Body Splash 300ml. Get it while it’s hot. Literally.

Oh and one more thing. The Body Shop is also launching its NEW Tropicolour Colour Crush™ eyeshadow collection, containing three highly pigmented, vibrant colours for the ultimate summertime look. And I have the shade none other than ‘Fizzy Mojito’.


The colour looks really pigmented in the pot and it is, but you have to build it up. This is better however if you are someone who lives and dies by a nuetral eyeshadow palette. These eyeshadows can be lightly applied for a sheer look (below) – perfect for happy hour!


What’s your favourite The Body Shop product?


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