French Brand Talika Joins Space NK!

I love Space NK – it’s like a gallery of skincare products, finely curated from around the world. The best of the best sit within the walls of Space NK so when I heard that French brand Talika had just launched there, I had to know more.


Talika has a really interesting brand history. It started in 1948 when Danielle Roches, a young doctor in ophthalmology, formulated a cream based on plants with healing properties to treat the eyes of war casualties. To her astonishment, the cream had a surprising side effect: it significantly stimulated her patients’ eyelash and eyebrow growth.

What an amazing discovery! I am a huge fan of serums for the eyelashes and the eyebrows. Especially the eyelashes. Think about it – they get covered in mascara every day which can often dry them out. Some mascara can be too rich for the eyelashes as well and eyelashes can fall out as a result. We rub our eyes and tug at the eyelashes. It’s no wonder they deserve some TLC.

I first used Vichy’s Eye and Lash Serum which I really loved because it meant that if my eye serum got in my eye, it wasn’t going to sting. It was meant to be used all over the eye. For my eyebrows, I used Browhaus Eyebrow and Eyelash Serum which I also found to be really great at increasing the thickness of my eyebrows, which can tend to be a bit sparse.

Since then however I have run out of both products so was very intrigued to try Talika. Their Lipocils Expert boosts and stimulates eyelash growth and works within 28 days.


The applicator is amazing because it contains two ways to apply it so that it covers all the lashes – an applicator tip to put on and then a brush to brush it through. Brilliant! I haven’t seen this before so that’s the first win.


The formula is silky and goes on like a dream. And with the promise of 28 days for noticible results this is something worth looking into!


Eyebrows are next. Something I never leave home without. Eyebrows have become really important in the past few years and having a set of full ones is the way to go! The Talika Eyebrow Lipocils Expert is meant for boosting brow growth. Again we see an amazing applicator with the tip to brush it on and then the actual brush to brush it through so you make sure every strand is covered with this potent formula.



I started using mine today so I look forward to stronger, healthier and longer lashes as well as fuller eyebrows in 28 days!

When talking about lashes and eyebrows we can’t forget about the eyes themselves. I am a side sleeper and I noticed that the eye on the side of my face that I sleep on (left side) tends to look more hollow and dark-circled than the other eye (right side). I dare you to take a look at your eyes as well and if you are a side sleeper you will probably notice that the side of your face that you sleep on looks worse for wear. I’ve tried to train myself to sleep on my back but sadly I always revert back to the side.

So needless to say I need something for the dark circles that seem to affect the eye on the left side of my face only. Talika also has an Eye Detox formula which is the first two treatment anti-dark circle treatment specially designed to target and treat dark circles for both fair and dark/ olive skin.


I have fair skin so have the one especially for my skin tone. I LOVE the look of this product. Why? Because it looks scientific and sooo 2015.



The applicator is amazing (Talika have really amazing applicators on their products!) – the eye rollerball feels cool and comforting and again I could see this working really well – partially due to the applicator itself! I can’t wait to see what it does on my pesky left eye dark circle (I shall keep you all updated)!

DSC_0885Talika is available from Space NK here!


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