Beauty Rocks Reviews: The Pulse Light Clinic (Part Three)

As you may have seen previously, I have been visiting The Pulse Light Clinic on Fenchurch Street (near Bank station) for a series of four IPL Photo Rejuvenation Treatments.


Photo Credit: Pulse Light Clinic

The first treatment I reviewed here:

And the second here:

I have now completed the 3rd and the 4th treatment! I could really start to notice a difference after the 3rd treatment. When I went in prior to my 3rd treatment my skin wasn’t looking its best. It was dehydrated, spotty and dull – all noticed by myself and Nadia, the IPL Photo Rejuvenation therapist. So Nadia recommended a more intense treatment as we had been going a bit light on the 1st and 2nd treatments.

She used different wavelengths to reach different layers of my skin. The deepest layers were targeted for hyperpigmentation, the middle layers for acne and spots and the top layers for redness. She again warned me to stay out of the sun and since we had had a more intensive treatment this was really important.

I stayed out of the sun for the next three weeks and right before I went in for my 4th treatment I started noticing my skin had been getting clearer and looked brighter. Nadia also noticed that it looked much better this time around and the treatment had started to kick in. We went for another intensive treatment for the 4th treatment to see if we could continue to improve on the hyperpigmentation.

The great thing about IPL photo rejuvenation is that it requires no downtime and the improvements that you see will be long-lasting. However, you do need to remember that you have to stay out of the sun after each treatment (making it an ideal one for the winter months) and several treatments may be required before you start to notice a difference. So this isn’t an instant cure but addresses skin issues over several treatments. And that’s when you will really start to notice clearer, brighter skin, smaller pores and less pigmented areas! I am really pleased with the way it has all turned out.

The Pulse Light Clinic also offers other treatments such as Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal and Laser treatments with Picosure.

Picosure I was intrigued about the last time I visited The Pulse Light Clinic as it is great for acne scars and also tattoo removal. Picosure reaches a precise depth of the skin so that only 10% is treated at a high energy picosecond focus level during each pulse, with lower levels used on the remaining 90% of the skin. It is a more intensive laser treatment so does cause some redness after the treatment.



Photo Credit: Pulse Light Clinic


Before Picosure – Photo Credit: Pulse Light Clinic


After Picosure – Photo Credit: Pulse Light Clinic

So thanks to The Pulse Light Clinic I now know so much more about laser treatment and it’s nothing to be scared of, honestly! Whether it’s hair removal or IPL Photo Rejuvenation, it is definitely something to consider!

For a free consultation call The Pulse Light Clinic at 020 7523 5158!





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