How To: Wax At Home

Sometimes it’s a little embarrassing to get waxed at a salon, let’s be honest. I tend to avoid it as much as I can and stick to shaving. Until now that is. I’ve recently discovered Parissa (available at Boots and Whole Foods), which is an all-natural hair removal brand that you can use in the privacy of your own home. There is a product for just about every body part that you could want waxed including the most popular of course; bikini line, face, legs and brow.


There are several products for different uses. For example (below), there is the Microwaveable Warm Wax which can be used for the legs, body & face or underarms – great for course hair. The great thing about the sets is that they come with strips, applicators of different sizes for different areas and Azulene oil which helps to soften and smooth and prevent ingrown hairs (which no one wants – ouch!). You can cut the strips into the size you want for the area you are covering. The warm wax will remove hair up to 6 weeks! That’s probably worth the initial pain that you feel when you wax. Just imagine, six weeks without shaving…


Next we have the Hot Wax for short, course hair – ideal for the face or bikini line. The interesting thing about this one is that it is strip-free. This means that you simply apply it and peel it off – how cool is that? This makes it an ideal product to travel with as well as it doesn’t require taking or cutting any strips. Simply heat the wax up, apply and peel off – simply as.



And yet another style you could try are the wax strips. Again these are really easy to use as you simply need to apply these to the area to be treated and press into the skin and then pull off. This is such a reasonable way to get anything waxed because the set contains 16 strips – very cost-effective! And again, easy to travel with so perfect to take on your next beach holiday if you see any pesky hairs popping up. Your first defence in hair removal!


If you find your skin gets slightly irritated as some will do after a waxing, simply apply the Azulene Oil to soothe it.


Another style that you can use which is quite nice is the Chamomile Body Sugar. Add the word ‘sugar’ and suddenly waxing doesn’t seem all that bad. So how does this one work? You simply warm the sugar up, apply a thin layer and zip off with the strips. This is more gentle on skin so if you do find that you get irritation after waxing, this might be a good choice for you!


These products are all highly cost-effective and will shave (no pun intended) money off your monthly trips to the salon. Also, if you are a bit squeamish like me, these are great because you control the pain if you know what I mean!



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