Celebrating the Scent of Summer!

I’ve started to treat my fragrances like I do my nail colours – that is I like to switch them up quite a bit! I change them according to mood, weather or whim – sometimes using one in the morning and different one in the evening. I used to be the kind of girl who would savour one gorgeous fragrance until the last drop but now I am the kind of girl that likes to savour several gorgeous fragrances to the last drop!

That’s why it’s always nice to receive a Perfume Society box – so I can sample lots of fragrances at once and I don’t have to commit to anything in its full-size form. In celebration of all things summer, I want to tell you about the Blossom Discovery Box.

First off – what’s actually in the box? Well, the box contains classics and new launches from both well-known names and rising stars including Chloé Love Story, Jimmy Choo BLOSSOM and La Perla Peony Blossom. Home-grown fragrant delights include Amorosa from Ruth Mastenbroek, Coeur de Jardin from Miller Harris and quintessential British brand Yardley with a quartet of Contemporary Classics.

Fragonard Jasmin, Philosophy Amazing Grace and Agonist Isis complete this Blossom Discovery Box. As an extra treat, the box also contains a travel-size Elemis British Botanical Shower Cream (which is gorgeous by the way!).


For those who don’t know about Perfume Society boxes, they are like a beauty box – except with fragrances. Each sample of fragrance is accompanied by unique postcard-format notes (as seen below), to lead perfume-lovers through the fragrance notes and story behind the scent.



I have personally sniffed my way through the whole box now and while all of these fragrances are lovely, a girl has to have her favourites right? The thing about scent though, is that it is completely personal. What might smell lovely on my skin might not be the same on yours. So scent is always subject to opinion.

The scents I will be carrying around with me this summer from the Blossom Discovery box are…drum roll please…

1.  Chloé- Love Story

I am a Chloé girl at heart – having first fell in love with the original Chloé fragrance which I am still savouring. Love Story does not disappoint. It’s beautiful, romantic – everything it’s meant to be. If this fragrance was a weapon of seduction, it would be sprayed on the neck. With top notes of neroli, heart notes of orange blossom and jasmine and a base note of cedar – this one is a cracker. Wear it on your next date and see what happens.

2. La Perla – Peony Blossoms

This one surprised me actually. I didn’t intend to like it as much as I actually did. It’s sweet and floral – perfect for daytime wear – this screams summer in the garden! This has sparkling top notes of pear, luscious white peach and textured blackcurrant that mixes with orange blossom and gives it that really sweet scent. However, it then turns to base notes of patchouli, vanilla and sweet musk to round out the sweetness. It’s a gorgeous scent, from the makers of gorgeous lingerie.

3. Ruth Mastenbroek – Amorosa

I was immediatelly drawn to this fragrance because it is really unique. It belongs in the fragrance family, ‘Floriental’. The name translates to ‘a woman in love’ and with top notes of watermelon, green leaves, violet leaf and galbanum (see I told you this was different!) you can really feel the attraction to this one. There is something spicy, with a kick about this fragrance and I think its due to the base notes of vetiver, woody amber accord and patchouli. The heart notes are tuberose (love this one), ylang ylang, white flowers, tiare flower and jasmine.

With so many scents that have been combined in this it is no wonder that this scent is truly unique.


Perfume Society Boxes are available to VIP Subscribers at the special price of £10 – and to non-subscribers for £15, the price includes FREE UK DELIVERY! For more details see here.


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