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Goodness ‘Grape’cious: DHC Launches Resveratrol Range

DHC is one of my favourite brands from Japan. They keep it simple, are affordably luxurious and know a good thing when they see it. Like wine. We all know that there has been a lot of talk on Resveratrol – a key ingredient found in wine – and how it is good for you. So why is it good for your skin?

Well, first of all it is a highly potent antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes. Antioxidants are like little warriors that guard your cells from attack by environmental aggressors and free radicals – which damage cells and lead to ageing. By applying antioxidants topically to the skin, we can improve our defence against all the attackers out there – the skin ‘haters’ as I like to call them.

Resveratrol when applied to the skin improves tissue elasticity, supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier and protects against environmental damage. DHC has come up with a three-step programme with a Resveratrol hydrating toner, super-booster and rich moisturiser. Using them together will be the most beneficial as they will work together and can be layered on for maximum results.


After cleansing, the first step is to apply the Resveratrol Lotion (£43.00). Although it says ‘lotion’, this is actually an ultra-hydrating toner which makes skin smoother and more resilient. The word ‘lotion’ is commonly used for the word ‘toner’ in Japan.


The lotion/toner feels very light on the skin with a water-like texture and absorbs very quickly without any greasy feeling left behind. It has no notable fragrance so would be good for sensitive skin as well.


The next step is serum, or ‘essence’ as it is commonly said in Japan and Korea. The Resveratrol Essence (£43.00) is a concentrated source of Resveratrol which will penetrate skin at a deeper level, targeting fine lines. It’s also very hydrating and again, very light and quickly absorbs. This whole range is great for the summer months because of its lightness. Also as we spend more time in the sun during the summer, this antioxidant-based line is great at protecting skin from free radicals caused by UV rays.


Last but certainly not least is the Resveratrol Cream (£43.00) – an intensive, age-defying moisturiser with a thick, luxurious texture. I found this to be really hydrating, especially during the summer when my skin seems to dry out from sun exposure, holidays abroad, temperature changes and long-haul flights!


To find out more about DHC see here.


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