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Hot Summer Unisex Beauty Buys

Every season requires different clothing so why wouldn’t we think that skincare and fragrance choices should be any different? Every season requires a different routine and your skin has different needs in various seasons, just like your closet does.

The one area I am religious about changing up my routine in regards to season is fragrance! I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a heavy oud in the summer just like I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing a heavy sweater in the heat.

One fragrance that I am loving this summer (especially after Wimbledon) is Lacoste’s newest fragrance L.12.12 Jaune. Okay, okay, I know it’s for a man but I am a huge fan of men’s fragrances these days and actually, every single product that I am going to talk about in this post can be used by either a man or a woman. It certainly makes packing for a summer holiday easier! Not to mention shopping…


So what is it about the L.12.12 Jaune that appeals to me? Well the bright yellow bottle helps! Just by looking at it I can get the sunny and cheerful vibe of summer. The fragrance is inspired by the original L.12.12 Polo shirt and comes with an actual fabric logo on the bottle.

The scent smells sexy, fresh and sporty. It’s a scent that is very soothing to me and I actually enjoy spritzing myself with it and imagining the man who this could be intended for! It is simply addictive. The fragrance contains grapefruit, pink peppercorn and tonic accord as its top notes, giving way to sweet, Golden Delicious apple blended with coriander seeds, on a balmy cypress, vetiver and amber base. In other words, sunshine and sexy in a bright yellow bottle!



Let’s talk about summer hair care – for either men or women. SACHAJUAN – the cool Scandi hair brand (available from Urban Retreat)- has a hair product that will work for anyone. The Hair Repair is a conditioning treatment and even men will want to use this because of the unisex packaging. This is a hair quencher and is great to use for sun parched hair, during or post-beach holiday. It contains the brand’s renowned Ocean Silk Technology to promote cell regeneration and encourage growth.


Next up is skincare. I’ve discovered a gorgeous brand called RéVive (available from Urban Retreat) which is a luxury high performance skincare brand created by noted plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Bays Brown. The cream cleanser is a dream – it soften skins, takes off make-up and leaves skin feeling clean, but not squeaky clean (as in it doesn’t strip off all the good oils).


In regards to summer moisturisers, either men or women would love Urban Retreat’s The Moisturiser. It contains Rosehip Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil to nourish skin as well as Sodium Hyaluronate to draw in and retain moisture for added hydration whilst Oat Oil and Shea Butter create a protective veil over the complexion to lock in moisture. It is extremely light so I think this would be really appealing for both men and women and it smells amazing, like rosehip oil. No greasy residue left behind!



Last but NOT least is one of my favourites new summer discoveries of all. Neomist Creme Serum has come to us from France and it is simply amazing. It is a spray-on formula and it is a moisturiser and serum in one – busy people rejoice! This is a do-it-all product and all you need to do after cleansing is simply spray it onto your face and gently pat it in. This product absorbs really really quickly – I felt like my skin was drinking it in. In this way, it is much like a serum in that it sinks into the skin really quickly. However, the after effect is pure softness. I even felt this was gentle enough to pat into the eye area.


Neomist uses a technological innovation called Water Plant Emulsion which allows oil and water to be effectively mixed. This technology means that even though the product is highly concentrated (with 50 active ingredients), it still remains light on the skin.


Another great thing about this product is that it is again, unisex. Both men and women would benefit from using this product because it’s easy and it combines two products in one. The spray mechanic also allows you to put on just enough and control the amount that you are putting onto your face really well (says the one who loves to slather on cream).


I often have trouble with my moisturiser and make-up not quite mixing together well and when you find a combo that works, it’s a dream. With the Neomist spray, I have found that because it absorbs so quickly it makes a really good make-up base and doesn’t turn my foundation into a splotchy mess.

I’ve been using Neomist now for about 3 weeks and I do feel the dehydration lines around my eyes aren’t looking so dehydrated any more and my skin looks plumper. Now that’s a definite win! I tried to take an image (below) of what it looks like on my skin however it sinks in so quickly that the camera doesn’t capture it in time. So what you will see below is an arm that has just been sprayed with Neomist (which has absorbed so quickly that you can’t even capture it on camera)!


Neomist is available exclusively at Selfridges


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