Keep Calm and Party On: Girls Night In!

Have you ever wanted to just spend the night in for once? Have the girls over and have a sleepover like you used to do back in the good old days? Well, this weekend I decided to skip the night on the London town and bring the party to me. So what are some things you need for an official ‘girls’ night in’?

1. Refreshments

If you want to have a good party, you need good refreshments. Something fun, lighthearted and chilled. Typically served in a cocktail glass! Here’s where Funkin Cocktails comes in. This brand makes a variety of 100% natural mixers, syrups and purées for all your party needs. And everyone needs a party!


I like to cater for both drinkers and non-drinkers and I’m fine to serve mocktails or cocktails, whatever my girls want is what they get when I am the host!


Some of the drinks on offer at my place? Strawberry Woo Woos, Pina Coladas, Mojitos, Brazilian Cocktails and Strawberry Daiquiris (who can resist a Strawberry Woo Woo?). For all of these you simply need to add white rum (Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri, Mojito) or vodka (Strawberry Woo Woo, Brazilian Cocktail) which takes all the stress and worry away when it comes to making cocktails for your guests. Which means you can have just as much fun as they do!


For non-drinkers I love this new Limited Edition Diet Coke. The brand has collaborated with leading British fashion designer J.W. Anderson for its new signature bottle. It’s cool, fashionable and looks good at any table. And it doesn’t have any calories so that means you can afford to have that popcorn with extra butter when it comes time to watch some chick flicks.


I love all the Funkin cocktail mixers but I have to say my favourite one is the Strawberry Woo Woo. And I think it’s because of the name, to be honest with you (although it is quite delicious too)! Or maybe because I’m a child of 80s America, where this drink was born.





I also do LOVE a Mojito. For this one, simply add two units of white rum, pour in some Funkin Mojito Mixer and voilà, you have yourself a perfect Mojito. If you want to get fancy and add mint, go for it!


2. Decoration

For a fun party, you need decoration! I LOVE these Scrabble Lights from Prezzybox. They come with 60 reusable stickers so you can change your message every time you have a different party. Seriously these are a party must-have!


3. Entertainment

What’s a party without entertainment? Once you have had a few cocktails, there is nothing stopping you from having a bit of fun. I love these 20 Aphorisms by School of Life. If you haven’t checked out School of Life yet, you must! They have the coolest stuff ever. Hand these Aphorisms out among your friends and have them read aloud the one they get. Or these 20 Aphorisms can also go under ‘Decoration’. Hang them around your house and be the coolest and wittiest person in town.






4. Pampering

When girls get together there is also an element of care-taking to be expected. Self-care is important and we don’t always have time to do it so when I invite my girlfriends over for drinks, I like to also provide a bit of a ‘beauty bar’ service with nail polishes, hair treatment masks and DIY facials. My friends know I am a beauty geek so expect to be pampered when they show up at mine.


To cater to everyone’s nails, I love Soigné Botanique. This is a luxury French nail care brand that have a gorgeous range of natural nail polishes. Some of my friends only use organic skincare products and/or are vegan so I like to go natural when I can to please everyone. And these nail polishes are certainly a crowd pleaser! The polishes contain up to 85% of Plant-sourced, natural ingredients, have no harmful carcinogens (5 Free formula), no animal testing and are vegan friendly. See? Everyone wins.


I chose three colours from the Soigné core collection which I thought would be the best crowd pleasers. The colours are shown below in the following order: Chou Fleur Violet, Eau and Clitoria Ternatea.



Manis and pedis are a must-do at any girls’ night in at my place so I started with the Soigné nail polish in Eau first on my toes. Perfect for summer, this reminds me of a clear, blue swimming pool.

FullSizeRender (12)

For a manicure I like to go with something a bit more edgy and as we are moving into fall, I have fallen in love with this dark blue colour – Clitoria Ternatea.

FullSizeRender (11)

Once everyone has had a turn at a mani or pedi, it’s time to move onto hair. Grow Gorgeous has an amazing Overnight to Gorgeous hair masque treatment that you put on and leave in overnight. The reason I love having a girls’ night in because you can combine fun with self-care. Cocktails and hair treatments should go hand-in-hand and I always promise my friends if they come to mine at least they will wake up feeling more gorgeous than they would had we gone out on the town!           DSC_0186

I like treatments that work when I’m asleep. Why? Because I’m a busy girl. This hair masque has a combination of high- and low-molecular weight forms of hyaluronic acid, purified mushroom and Amazonian açaí and palm oils. Hyaluronic acid for your hair? Why not?! I think it’s genious. This hair masque smells like a dream, didn’t leave any pillows sticky and made everyone’s hair look soft and smooth the next day. The key word here is hydration!



Last but not least before we all hit the bed, I like to pass around a few face masks. It’s nice to have a combination as everyone’s skin is different and these always go down a treat! Everyone loves a sheet mask or a mud mask as it feels like a luxury. Here is where Masque Bar steps in with their fantastic range of face masks. I am blemish-prone so the Anti-Blemish mud mask is a dream, especially when I’m spending the night indulging on chocolate and Strawberry Woo Woos! DSC_0247

The key ingredient in the Anti-Blemish mask is tea tree oil which is great for targeting acne and is naturally anti-bacterial.



For my friends who have had hard weeks at work and are suffering from dull skin, we love the Masque Bar Brightening Sheet Mask. These masks help minimize the appearance of dark spots and pigmentation issues. The great thing about these masks is that they can be used an all skin tones and types so they really suit everyone! Leave them on for about 20 minutes while you are watching a movie and don’t wash off the serum. Think of this mask as a super concentrated serum application. It shouldn’t be washed off before bed and should be the last thing you put on your face before you turn off the lights.



So next time you are planning a girls’ night in remember – refreshments, decoration, entertainment and pampering – you’ve nailed it!


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