Creating a Spa at Home

This weekend I have been a real homebody. I’ve spent the entire weekend experimenting how I can bring the best of London to me – whether that’s in the form of cocktails at a ‘girls’ night in‘ or creating a spa in the comfort of my own home.

On Sundays I am all about comfort and simply want to stay inside and avoid the outside world. The only excuse I will make to go outside is if it involves a nice meal or a spa treatment. However, seeing as I am experimenting with the things that I have at home, I’ve decided to bring the spa to me.

So, what do all spa treatments have in common? Well, generally there is a cleanse, a scrub, a massage and a moisturiser and/or treatment. To bring a spa experience to me, I love using products from Sabon who I have covered previously here.


Sabon’s focus on using quality natural ingredients really appeals to me because I know that what I am putting on my skin doesn’t have any nasties in it. Everything from the amazing packaging to the unique smells and ingredients in the Sabon products makes their products a hit with me and perfect for a ‘spa at home’ experience.

So first off, let’s start with the cleanse. I use Sabon Shower Oil in ‘Clean Dream’. It smells like a clean dream that’s for sure and this certainly gets me in the spa spirit! The shower oil has four natural oils, contains no parabens or S.L.S and feels incredibly gentle on the skin.


The next part of a spa experience is always a scrub. I love Sabon Lavender Apple Body Scrub. It contains natural Dead Sea Salt which is great for detoxing the skin and getting all those dead skin cells off. I always briskly scrub my body, really going for it so I can increase the circulation and really make my skin glow. The smell of this is simply amazing – Lavender Apple is a brilliant combination!


After your scrub/massage, it’s important to moisturise. Again, I turn to Sabon in the Lavender Apple which is soothing and the lavender smell calms my nerves. I can’t tell you how amazing this smells – something like a warm apple tart laced with the soothing scent of lavender. I can’t get enough! The shea butter really hydrates the skin and after your scrub/massage you are really going to want to treat yourself nicely so use something that feels luxurious.



For really dry, patchy skin, I always go for the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. This cult classic is good for everything from dabbing around the eyes on a long-haul flight to a hand moisturiser to make-up remover to a rash/cut soother. It is a do-it-all product so for my particularly dry parts such as the skin on my elbows and knees and even the tops of my toes which get battered in high heels every day – I turn to this classic. It also now comes in a fragrance-free version which is fantastic for those who have sensitive skin.



As you can see it literally melts onto the skin – dab it sparingly on any dry parts and you will soon notice a difference!


Okay so let’s move on to the face! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? So why shouldn’t we try and cover ourselves in them more often? That’s the spirit behind L’Reve Diamond Crystal Facial Mask. This new face mask contains ‘a powdered melange of diamonds that are infused into a fine gel that also contains plant collagen, which is renowned for its moisturizing properties.’

The L’Reve Diamond Facial mask usually retails at £1746 for a year’s supply in the USA (that’s for 12 of them – one per month – yikes!), but it has been launched in the UK by luxury retainer Cocosa for £75 which is truly a discount! Cocosa is a members-only luxury hub hosting regular sales on luxury beauty and fashion brands. Membership is free to all when you sign up via email. I signed up to it myself and the site has great deals on make-up and skincare in general (I found a bareMinerals mineral face powder for £7.00!)

So when I was sent one of the L’Reve Diamond Facial Masks to test I was very careful to choose a night where I could really let it sink into my skin and didn’t have to be anywhere so I could really enjoy its benefits. I mean, these are diamonds I am talking about! Not to be taken for granted, that’s for sure.


Okay so here’s where I remember when my mother always told me ‘beauty is pain’. It doesn’t always look pretty (as in the photo below) but sometimes we have to look ugly to get pretty! So basically the mask is set in the serum solution and you simply place it on your cleansed face and let it sink in for 20 minutes. I also used the rest of the serum that was left in the package and patted it into my skin once I was done with the mask. Result? My skin definitely looked fresher, more hydrated and clearer! However, if you are interested in these masks I would suggest getting them for the highly discounted rate on Cocosa rather than paying full price because the full price for these is just craaazy!

FullSizeRender (10)

The treatments don’t end there. Hair and body both have to be targeted on a spa day. For hair, I’ve recently grown attached to Grow Gorgeous products. 

I love their End Split Ends leave-in serum. Why? Because it is FANTASTIC for fine hair! I have fine hair and I can’t tell you how many serums I have been through on my hair that have left it greasy and lifeless. And then I just have to turn around and wash my hair again! This won’t do that – it’s more of a lotion-based formula instead of an oil-based serum so it won’t weigh your hair down or make it greasy. I apply it generously on my ends after every wash. The formula contains Amazonian oils of açaí, palm and inca inchi and I love them all. No more split ends or greasy hair!


Okay, last but not least here is an exciting treatment to end the spa day. That’so has created a Deep Kineticell Crackle Mousse that is a ‘deep impact cellulite treatment’. Just the name of this gives me goosebumps as I am a true beauty nerd and when it comes to beauty, scientific terms are exciting!


This mousse is for firming, toning and reducing the look of cellulite. This is where it gets interesting. This mousse crackles and spits on your skin and it feels really cold. It almost seems like you are putting liquid nitrogen on your skin (without the pain but all the special effect). This bubbles and crackles (as you can see in the below image) and then is meant to be massaged into the problem areas of your skin. I like to massage this into my hips and thigh area more for toning and firming. I do like to massage this into the sides of my legs as well and the result is truly satisfying.

Here’s how it works:

– Reduces cutaneous water retention thanks to the presence of ivy, birch and Asiatic centella extract

– Tones and firms thanks to the soja bean and hop extract

– Hydrates and nourishes luxuriating the skin with pomegranate extract


So now I’ve covered everything you need for a spa day from prep to treatment. I think it’s time to put my feet up and relax!


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