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Oh I love a facial, I really do! Massages, facials, spa treatments of any kind – I’ve always been a fan.

Welcome to Omniya, a mediclinic in Knightsbridge that will literally attend to every skincare need. Omniya is a health & beauty clinic with a fully dispensing pharmacy. If you haven’t heard of Omniya, it is located nearly across the street from Harrods so is very convenient if you want to mix in a treatment with shopping – the perfect combination. I had the fortunate chance to review the Omniya Repair, Restore and Replenish Treatment with SkinCeuticals.


Omniya stocks a multitude of beauty products including the famed SkinCeuticals which I was also able to try and will cover separately in another post. The shop is great for beauty  – it’s similar to Space NK in the fact it stocks curated products meant to target, treat and restore with the best of them.


I was invited to review the Ominya Repair, Restore and Replenish Treatment which is performed by celebrity facialist Debbie Costello, who is head of the beauty team at Omniya and has over 20 years of experience. You can be in no better hands, really.


Debbie created the facial herself, which is a targeted treatment with a bit of flexibility for bespoke tailoring depending on your skin type. The facial combines SkinCeuticals products (renown for their ability to work!) with LED Phototherapy to really enhance the results.


So to start off, I was led downstairs to wait for Debbie and in the meantime, fill out a consultation that asked general questions about wellbeing and allergies, etc. Once I had filled out the questionnaire, Debbie greeted me and led me into the treatment room.



Once inside the treatment room, I was able to relax on the table and the facial began. Here’s what went down…


First, Debbie cleansed my skin – all the grime and make-up from my face was wiped away. Once my skin was prepped and cleansed, a micro polish exfoliating cream was applied all over my face. This felt soothing, not abrasive at all so would be lovely for sensitive skin types as well.


Exfoliating before a treatment is key, in both a facial and at home. You wouldn’t put wax on a dirty floor would you? So make sure skin is clear from any build-up and fully exfoliated so your serious products can absorb better.

Debbie clearly knows her stuff when it comes to skin so she is a great source of knowledge for any questions on your skin type. I felt comfortable asking her about anything and letting her know I wanted to target the red spots from faded acne (that just never seemed to completely disappear) on the right side of my face.

The next step of the facial was a peel – this part of the facial is completely bespoke and is at the control of Debbie, who can recommend a skin peel for your skin type. I was recommended to use a 20% glycolic acid solution for my skin – which sinks, down down down to the lower layers of skin, cleaning it out in the process and targeting things like hyperpigmentation in the process. It’s also fantastic for brightening and targeting dullness which can be a hassle in city life!

Glycolic peels are nothing to fear as well! When people here the word peel, sometimes they get nervous but this honestly did not bother my skin at all. It feels tingly at first and can sting but your skin will soon get used to it and the feeling will fade away.


After about 10 minutes, the glycolic acid was taken off and a Vitamin C solution was applied to my face and décolletage. I was then placed under the Dermalux red light therapy unit (below) to supercharge the Vitamin C effect solution. The Red light therapy also promotes healing, reaching the deeper layers of the skin. I was left for 20 minutes at the recommendation of Debbie.


Once the red light therapy was complete, my face was cleansed again and the Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Serum was applied.


My biggest skin issue is always hydration. I am on the thin side so my face shows tiredness really easily and I don’t have much padding on my face to make it look plump. So I do really need a facial to help restore the vibrancy to my skin as it shows up so easily on my face.

So the million dollar question? Did I notice a difference. The answer is yes! I noticed a difference right away, my skin did look clearer and brighter. The real difference however came not the next day but the day after – my skin was literally glowing and the imperfections had really cleared up. I suffer from redness from faded acne spots on one cheek and honestly, they had faded so much I was shocked!

I would highly recommend this facial (although it is pricey at £250) for a special treat. Especially if you are suffering from hyper-pigmentation, dullness and spotted skin like I was. I was really impressed by the clarity and reduction in imperfections that really came through a couple days after the facial. And for the price of two expensive serums, the facial did the same job on my imperfections within an hour.

I can’t wait to tell you about the Skinceuticals products next! For more information about Omniya – visit their site and click here.


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