Post Long-Haul Flight Fixers!

I love to travel but I hate what it does to my skin. After a long-haul flight it generally takes my skin a week or two to recover from dryness, fine lines, dehydration, jet lag, dullness, etc. I have the kind of skin that is very reactive to the environment and so have to really step up my game in the beauty stakes when it comes to frequent flying. I’ve picked out a few of my favourite products that help get my skin back to dewy and glowing!DSC_0031

Because the air in the cabin of a plane is extremely dry, as in desert dry, it’s really important to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate both inside and out. For inside, I have been loving Simplee Aloe – it’s great for skin, for detoxing and hydrating.

For the outside, I am a firm believer in exfoliation first for removing any dry flaky skin and also to get a fresh base so your other products can be absorbed into your skin more effectively.


I love Burt’s Bees because the products are 100% natural, are reasonably priced and do the job! This Deep Pore Scrub with Peach & Willow Bark is a hefty scrub which packs a punch so it’s recommended for those who like a good scrub on their face, like me. I use it twice to really get smooth skin before using any other products and it’s great for dry, parched skin after travelling.



Post exfoliation and pre-bedtime 3 nights a week, I’ve been using the Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask. I apply a thick layer over skin at night before going to bed and let it sink in. My skin really ‘drinks’ this up and it absorbs well. Leave it on overnight and you will wake up with more hydrated skin. My number one skin issue is hydration so this is great to use on a flight as well. Take it with you on the plane and slather it on during the flight to keep skin hydration levels up!



To really get your glow back and to target dull, jet-lagged skin I am a HUGE fan of Pixi Glow Tonic. This little cult beauty buy is fantastic as it contains 5% glycolic acid to really exfoliate any dead skin cells and clear the skin. Glycolic acid is a wonder ingredient and really deep cleanses as it reaches into the deepest layers of the skin. It’s great for acne-prone skin as well so this is a great little product to take with you on your travels and after. I always break out in spots after a long-haul flight as well so this will help to prevent those spots from occuring. Simply add to a cotton wipe and apply to face after cleansing. You can thank me later!


Hair gets really dried out too while travelling. I like to put Moroccan Oil Treatment (below in a travel size) on the ends of my hair before I get on the flight so it can do some work while I am in flight mode.


What kind of cleanser you are using when treating dull, dehydrated skin (that is sensitive to breakouts) is also really, really important. I have recently discovered this amazing Monu Cleansing Balm which works well on over-stimulated skin.


After you get off the plane, you want nothing more than a hot shower and some sleep. That’s where your Flight-Fixer regime starts! The Monu Cleansing Balm feels lovely on the skin and neck because it can be massaged in, increasing circulation and getting nutrients to the skin’s surface in the process.


The balm feels decadent, rich and smells amazing too! With Rose, Geranium, Evening Primose, Blackcurrant and Rosehip seed oil you simply can’t go wrong and this will be exactly what your tired skin will need.



Serum, serum – the powerhouse of any skin regime. I’ve been talking a lot about hydration here and I really mean it! Long-haul flights and jet lag really mess up my skin so after my summer travels I am loving this Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum.

I am a huge fan of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) because it is a real hydration booster. HA occurs naturally throughout the human body and it is a water loving molecule. HA provides continuous moisture to the skin by binding up to 1000 times its weight in water!


This P&M HA Serum comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper applicator so you can easily control how much you want to apply. HA serum can work for anyone and higher concentrations of HA are found in younger people with smooth, elastic and bouncy skin so why wouldn’t we want to get this all over our face? HA levels decrease as we age so it’s an important ingredient to add to your skincare routine. The size of this makes it perfect for adding to your carry-on while travelling. Add a few drops to skin every 3 hours during your flight.



I always have trouble sleeping on the flight and also suffer from jet-lag so if you are looking for a lovely moisturiser that targets ageing and also helps you to get to to sleep look no further than Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Future Night Cream. If I don’t get a good night’s rest you will be able to see it instantly – dark circles and sunken skin are my two sleep-deprived nightmares.

However, this EA Flawless Future Night Cream is super-hydrating and contains ‘a stress-busting mineral-rich botanical and an exclusive fragrance technology induces a sense of wellbeing and relaxation as it helps even skin tone and ease the appearance of fine lines.’ So EA has upped the stakes with this product in that it does even more than target our physical state but also our emotional one too!



The cream feels lovely on skin and smells amazing. I have a little secret – I’ve been using this in the daytime as well as night simply because I love the smell and how it feels on my skin. It makes an excellent base and as long as you are wearing SPF in your daytime foundation or BB Cream, it is great to target the stress of the day as well!


Next we move on to body! The body can take a beating after a long flight and it’s important to take care of it. My legs, feet and ankles always swell during a long flight, due to lack of circulation. It’s good to get up and stretch every hour or so on the flight but I always think this is easier said than done. If you are squeezed in the middle of a row with two people on either side, you are not going to make them very happy if you are getting up once an hour to stretch your legs.


For tired legs and feet I am loving Mavala Hydro-Repairing Foot Care and Mavala Revitalising Emulsion for Tired Legs. Again, depending on where I am sitting on the plane, I try and give my feet and legs mini massages throughout the flight and these are both two great products for that (due to size as well you can take them in your carry-on bag).


If you are going somewhere warm, your feet will need to be exposed in sandals most likely so having pretty feet is nice (as no one wants to look at dried out, flaky feet -yuck) so the Foot Care Lotion is great for upping the moisture levels in your feet. Perfect if you are planning to show off a new pedi as well!


The Emulsion for Tired Legs is fantastic for during the flight and post flight. The formula is light and cool on tired legs and it also contains witch hazel, which is an anti-inflammatory (to reduce swelling) and ivy which is a decongestant. This one is great to use on the flight because it helps to target swelling even before it starts. I know if my legs feel tired it affects my whole body so take care of them!


Another treatment for tired legs that I have come across which works great for post long-haul flight because it really targets swollen legs and ankles. Guam Anti-Fatigue Gel for Legs contains red seaweed which is rich in Vitamin C and lysine, it ‘provides a beneficial influence on the nutrition processes of skin tissue.’


Using this post flight is fantastic for swelling! No one wants elephant legs after they get off a plane so if you are careful about using compression socks, giving yourself mini massages throughout the flight and using products targeted to reduce swollen ankles and legs you will feel much better.


There is nothing I want more than a massage after flying for hours and hours. I am in LOVE with this Monu Spa Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil. It smells amazing and feels amazing too – the oil sinks in really quickly and it’s much like a dry oil in that way – it won’t leave you greasy for hours. I have even used this as a day moisturiser for the body and after waiting a little bit for it to absorb, I happily got dressed which I wouldn’t normally do with most oils (because of oil stains). But this oil is different. And it’s great for massage as well – all you need is a massage roller or your own hands (or better yet someone else’s) and then get at rubbing away all those aches and pains!




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