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I test a lot of products – let’s be honest. So I have pretty high expectations. And every once in awhile a product will come along and I will just simply go ‘WOW!’ Well, let me tell you I had a wow moment with the Colbert MD range over the weekend <insert excited scream>. It reached my high expectations and beyond and pretty much reinforced my belief in good solid skincare backed by science.

Colbert MD Review and Dr. Weiser Interview!

Colbert MD - Dr Colbert Skincare

First let me tell you about the man who started the brand, Dr. Colbert himself. David A. Colbert, MD is the founder and head physician of the New York Dermatology Group. And his range of Colbert MD products have a little secret.

Colbert MD - Dr Colbert Skincare Range

The secret is QuSome technology. Because of their similar structure to cell membranes or liposomes, the active ingredients contained within QuSomes have the same level of compatibility but react with a deeper penetration into the skin. These active anti-ageing ingredients are wrapped in highly efficient micro capsules, and are protected from oxygen exposure. The whole range targets not only the top of the skin, but also down to the deepest layers. Basically, this means that you will wake up with brighter, more luminous and plumper skin like I did after even the first night after I used these!

Colbert MD - Skincare Products

I had a chance to throw some questions at Dr. Jessica Weiser, who is a Board Certified Dermatologist at the New York Dermatology Group, founded by world renowned dermatologist Dr David Colbert (who is also the founder of the Colbert MD skincare line).

Beauty Rocks: What’s your best advice for treating acne-prone skin that also needs to be treated for anti-ageing?

Dr Weiser: The product regimen and procedures used to treat acne must be specifically chosen to suit the specific signs of aging skin: collagen breakdown with loss of structural support, increased risk of dryness and irritation, and reduced skin elasticity. Retinoids, whether over the counter as retinol or prescription strength as Retin-A, are a crucial component of this treatment regimen because they stimulate collagen production, increase skin cell turnover, and also decrease oil gland production thereby addressing signs of both acne and aging.

Additionally gentle exfoliation twice a week helps keep pores from becoming clogged while simultaneously encouraging skin cell renewal. Procedures such as glycolic acid peels, microdermabrasion and photodynamic therapy are suited well for both antiaging benefits and acne control.

Beauty Rocks: For acne scarring or pigmentation what are key ingredients to look for in skincare?

Dr Weiser:

1. Retinol- improves exfoliation and cellular renewal to reduce pigmentation, simulates collagen production to gradually decrease appearance of scars
2. Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids- gently sloughs surface cells to encourage cell turnover and eliminate pigmented cells to even skin tone, also provides antibacterial effects to control acne flares
3. Kojic acid, licorice extract, Symwhite- natural ingredients that decrease pigmentation and reduce dark spots to even skin tone
4. Epidermal growth factors (EGFs)- stimulate stem cells to heal and tighten skin to reduce scars and improve overall appearance of skin

Beauty Rocks: For anti-ageing, what are the key ingredients to look for in skincare?

Dr Weiser:

1. Retinol- serves numerous purposes in an antiaging regimen: increases cell turnover to reduce dark spots and sun damage, gently exfoliates to improve tone and texture, boosts collagen production to reduce fine lines and improve structural support.
2. Sunscreen- the best way to prevent aging is daily sunscreen use with frequent reapplication. The sun causes premature wrinkling, accelerated collagen loss, worsening pigmentation and more.
3. Antioxidants- prevent free radicals from destroying DNA, elastin and collagen and thereby reverse signs of sun and environmental damage to restore youthful, more evenly pigmented, radiant skin
4. Alpha hydroxy acids- fade discoloration to improve overall tone of skin, gradually break down dead skin cells to gently exfoliate, reduce appearance of blemishes, and increase blood flow to skin to improve toxin removal and cellular repair

Thanks Dr. Weiser! Now let’s talk about Colbert MD. So what’s in the range? Well, first let’s start with Stimulate The Serum. This boosts collagen production, which slows as we get older. It promotes new cellular growth beneath the surface of the skin and contains a powerhouse of plant actives and nutrients. This serum is amazing!

Colbert MD - Dr Colbert The Stimulate Serum

Colbert MD - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 1

There is also a serum for the eyes with the Uplift Eye Serum. After one night of using this I honestly saw a decrease in dehydration lines and dark circles. The serum reduces puffiness and fights dark circles which I found it to be very good at! Algae extracts, horse chestnut, phytomist and licorice extracts are the powerhouses in this serum. Really delivers for dark circles and fine lines!

Colbert MD - Dr Colbert Eye Serum

I find the eyes are the first place to show signs of ageing so I am really happy when I can find products that help fight fine lines. The Nourish Eye Cream targets just that by using natural active ingredients that encourage the skin to self heal which in turn firms and rehydrates!

Colbert MD - Dr Colbert Eye Cream

For the day there is a Nutrify & Protect Day cream which protects against environmental damage – exactly what you need to help fight against aggressors to the skin. It’s rich but not too rich and sits nicely on the skin.

Colbert MD - Dr Colbert Nutrify and Protect Day

You wouldn’t be complete without a really good night cream. This Colbert MD Night Soothe cream is anti-inflammatory, promotes the natural synthesis of hyaluronic acid and hydrates. I definitely noticed that my skin looked plumper in the morning after using this.

Colbert MD - Dr Colbert Soothe Night

Colbert MD - Skincare Products

For an intense treatment several times a week I use the Intensify Facial Discs which really exfoliates with enzymes and lactic acid. This helps encourage cell renewal and makes your skin smoother and brighter over time. Great for hyperpigmentation!

Colbert MD - Dr Colbert Serum

Colbert MD - Dr Colbert Intensify Facial Discs

Although Colbert MD products are pricey I really saw results from this range so think it is worth the splurge if you can afford it! Available exclusively at Space NK here.

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