Breaking Beauty News! Dove Launches Three New Ranges With DermaSpa

Dove has launched its NEW luxury bath and body line, DermaSpa! Three of them to be exact. In terms of beauty products at a reasonable price point – the three NEW ranges tick all the boxes. I am really impressed by the quality, price point and results of the three new ranges: Goodness3, Uplifted+ and Summer Revived.

You may think..oh just another new bath and body line but actually, Dove have taken the technology from their facial skincare range and put it into their new bodycare range which looks and feels very premium. Suddenly you now have high-performance actives that are usually in skincare products but are now targeting ageing and other concerns on the body. The products contain Cell-Moisturisers technology, developed by Dove for their premium face care range and now put into this NEW bodycare range.

So what’s in the three new ranges?

Dove Launches Three New Ranges With DermaSpa

DermaSpa Products

Body lotions – one can never have enough right? I’ve got the DermaSpa Goodness3 Body Lotion and the Summer Revived Body Lotion. The Goodness3 range is all about restoring skin using omega oil derived from sea buckthorn – so this is going to be a great one for A/W when the weather gets cold and the indoor heating starts to dry out the skin.

The DermaSpa Summer Revived Body Lotion is all about holding on to summer a little bit longer. And let’s be serious, we didn’t have much of a summer so if we can squeeze a little more summer feeling out of a product before autumn really hits, I’m all for it! The body lotion contains a gentle self-tanner so you can maintain the last of your tan or give yourself a nice glow while you can still bare those legs!

DermaSpa - Products: Goodness3 & Summer Revived

Okay, next up are hand creams and I’m pretty obsessed by Dove’s new ones. They are brilliant and leave my hands feeling so silky and soft without any greasy feeling – no easy task! The hand cream is under a fiver and is certainly worth every penny. The reason it leaves your skin so silky is due to silicone elastomer technology – honestly my hands felt as soft as a satin slip!

DermaSpa - Products: Goodness3

DermaSpa - Products: Intensive

Two other products from this new launch that I am LOVING are the Uplifted+ Massaging Body Roll-On and the Uplifted+ Body Oil. I will tell you exactly why!

DermaSpa - Products: Uplifted+

The Massaging Body Roll-On is great for targeting any cellulite areas or even any areas that you simply want to massage. The formula is a gel so it’s nice and refreshing and feels silky with no sticky feeling left behind!

DermaSpa - Products: Uplifted+

There are three massage nodules at the top of the Roll-On that you can simply roll over any areas of tension and/or use for targeting cellulite-prone areas like the sides of your thighs, bum, etc. Because of the refreshing gel formula this would also be great as an after-workout massage!


It’s hard to choose a favourite from these ranges but one of mine is the Uplifted+ Body Oil. I love a body oil in the evening after a shower and this one is an absolute dream – it sinks in so quickly you barely realise it’s there – making it really easy to get dressed afterwards. No waiting around while it absorbs – this one does the job quick. The oil works on improving skin’s elasticity and smells amazing too – of water-lillies and cucumber, green violet leaves, sandalwood, patchouli and sweet musk. It’s perfect right before bed – it’s safe to say I am really impressed!

DermaSpa - Products: Uplifted+

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