Winter Skin Saviours

When it gets cold outside some of us just turn to comfort – comfort food, comfortable clothes, cosy blankets, warm sweaters, heaters, cups of tea, soup and hot water bottles. All of these things bring us comfort in the colder months and it’s nice to give yourself a bit of TLC in the winter, especially your skin – which is exposed to the harsh elements daily. Left unprotected it can get dry, itchy, tight and uncomfortable. So you need some good winter skin saviours to make sure that never, ever happens.

Rosie for Autograph Bath & Body OIl

One great winter skin saviour is a good bath/body oil. I have found a lovely one from Rosie for Autograph from Marks & Spencer. You can use it in the bath for a bit of a luxurious soak or apply it after a shower or bath to moisturise skin. It contains comforting oils of camelina and sweet almond to help nourish and moisturise and will prevent moisture loss from the skin. The fragrance is amazing as well and truly comforting – with a beautiful rose scent. It’s uplifting and luxurious and all those nice things – it’s currently available for £15 from Marks & Spencer and the bottle is beautiful too – perfect for a #shelfie photo!


Another brand I have discovered recently is Cloud 9 Skin Solutions who focus on creating targeted solutions for specific skin concerns. Their Tranquility Ultra Soothing Cream is amazing – it is specifically targeted to dry, damaged skin. And when I say dry, damaged skin I mean even including conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. This cream can be used like a balm and I think it is perfect for travelling on long-haul flights or out in the cold.

Cloud 9 Skin Solutions

Cloud 9 Skin Solutions Tranquility

And here’s the real kicker – this cream is pink due to the Vitamin B12 in it. My skin was looking very dull and dehydrated and I used this as an overnight mask and my skin did appear to be more hydrated by the next day. I don’t know why but I really like the pink colour. This is also thick and rich, you can tell this is a balm-like formula and is going to be intensely moisturising. So it’s great for giving skin a good long drink in the winter or to protect it from the elements. The key ingredients are Avocado Oil and Vitamin B12. You can also use this on dry parts of the body such as knees or elbows. My ankles always get really dry in the winter so will be using this as a spot treatment!


Cloud 9 also make a fabulous Skin-Clearing Spot Gel too. No matter what season, my skin breaks out from hormones every month and I have always looked for a spot gel around that time. This one is good – it contains Niacinamide and works either the first sign of a breakout or existing spots. It’s invisible as well so you can just apply a thin, clear layer to the affected area and you are good to go!

Cloud 9 Spot Gel

What are your favourite winter skin saviours?

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