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There’s chocolate and then, there’s chocolate. You know what I’m talking about right? I’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth but when I indulge I like to indulge in chocolate because it feels like a real treat. It’s also full of antioxidants when you eat the right kind. I attended an event in London recently with Amedei Tuscany Chocolate and was delighted to try out a range of chocolates, paired with whiskey to bring out the full flavours.


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Amedei Tuscany chocolates are one of those kind of chocolates. The kind that you don’t really feel guilty eating because you reserve it as a special treat. It’s not something to be quickly eaten, but to be savoured and to be enjoyed. Amedei is from Tuscany as you may have guessed and was started by Cecilia Tessieri, the only woman in the world to hold the title of Maitre Chocolatier and also win six Academy of Chocolate’s Golden Bean awards.

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Among those that I tried from the Amedei event was the Toscano Black (70% cocoa) and the milk chocolate Toscano Brown. As we know, dark chocolate is ‘choc’-full of flavonoids and is very, very good for you. It’s milk chocolate that usually gets the bad rep but that’s because of how it is made. Amedei looks after its chocolate from the bean to the bar. The chocolate also contains no soy lecithin or preservatives. See – I told you chocolate can be healthy (even milk chocolate)! The company only uses fresh ingredients, which are processed and treated quickly, in order to be able to fully enhance the extraordinary aromas, tastes and natural qualities.

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As Amedei chocolates are pure and without any additional ingredients besides pure goodness (no, really!) the milk chocolate doesn’t need to get such a naughty rep any more. That means now I can indulge away!

Amedei also makes pralines, drops and spreads – yum.

For more about Amedei see here.

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