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Touch of Luxury: Turquoise Seas at D-Hotel Maris

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a holiday (the way celebrities do) with the ultimate luxury at your fingertips? That ultimate luxury exists, it really does. It’s on the Datca Peninsula in Turkey, where the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean meet the Aegean Sea and it rests at the D-Hotel Maris.

The D-Hotel Maris is a secluded, luxury resort and feels like a true getaway as it it is perched on the top of a hill, surrounded by lush, green gardens, pine forests, volcanic mountain ranges and amazing views of islands and blue water all around. You won’t see anything else around it – the views are truly unspoiled. It’s very hard to find a spot where there is nothing but the beauty of nature all around and no buildings or lights in sight. That’s what makes the D-Hotel Maris a truly special getaway.





The obvious reason to book a holiday to D-Hotel Maris is to get some serenity (and be surrounded by AMAZING scenery of course). Life is so busy and crazy and sometimes it’s nice to just let it all go and let someone else worry about you for a few days. This place can very well be a detox for the mind and soul – there is something about all those unspoiled views that puts your mind right again and resets your body clock.


Another obvious reason to go to D-Hotel Maris is for the private beaches. There are five of them, after all so you are spoilt with choice. And each one of them offers something different to suit everyone’s personal tastes. There is the Blue Flag awarded Bay Beach (below with white sand imported from Egypt) that sits in front of two of the hotel’s beachside restaurants, Ruia and Bellariva. This is the most accessible beach – a place where you can grab a cocktail or a Turkish coffee and sit and relax for hours on the white sand. Pure, pure bliss.


A concept that I quite think is brilliant is the Silence beach. Have you ever been to a beach and wanted to relax and soak in the scenery but people were talking loudly and kids were crying? Well, I don’t know about you but for me it kind of ruins the atmosphere. Therefore the silence beach is exactly that – it’s silent. People are prohibited from speaking loudly and disturbing others, pretty much. This reflects back to my original thought that D-Hotel Maris is a true sanctuary, a real getaway that detoxes the mind and soul. And part of that detox is silence.



For those that don’t like silence and prefer some music there is something for you too. The Coliseum beach, which sits at the tip of the peninsula, is a beach club by day with DJ performances so it’s great for having a cocktail and chatting with a partner. You can also partake in a wide range of water sports here including windsurfing, kayaking, wake-boarding, sailing and paddle-boarding. You dive here as well and if you are feeling active enough you can get your international catamaran sailing, surfing license and diving certificate during your stay. So basically your every need is catered for here. Sometimes people like to mix it up too – they may want to have an active day and then the next day relax. You can do it all!




And for ÜBER luxury there is the Executive Beach. This is for Executive Club Lounge guests only so it’s very exclusive for high-end guests. There are six cabanas on the beach and each cabana has its own bed for lounging in the sun as well as hot tub so not only can you soak up the sun but you can also do it in your own private hot tub! Serious luxury, serious bliss. Work hard, play hard no?



To get to all the beaches you have to take one of the hotel boats. To take one all you do is stand on a deck of one of the decks and one will be with you to pick you up within 5 minutes. The beaches can only be accessed this way and it’s the best way really.


Sitting on the Silence Beach is one way to detox the mind and soul but to detox the body you are going to want to head to the Espace Vitalité Chenot Wellness Spa. This is a beautiful spa where highly-trained therapists work to ease the stress that builds up in your body over time. There is a very strong mind/body connection and while the ambiance and atmosphere of the hotel will detox your mind and spirit,the spa is the place to go so your body can enjoy those relaxing benefits too. There are so many amazing treatments at the Espace Vitalité Chenot Wellness Spa you probably won’t know where to begin.

In all the treatments, Chenot Actives are used which are made from organically cultivated marine and terrestrial flora. These active ingredients work to enliven the body’s energy balance and all the products contain 100% natural essential blends. Each oil functions to a specific area of the body and consists of eight unique products; Yin, Yang, Relax, Detox, Linfa, Cellulite, Solvant and Regen, under the Chenot Actifs line.

A lot of the treatments at the Espace Vitalité are about detoxing and eliminating fatigue and they are GOOD.


Highly recommended is a myofacial release massage and cupping for detoxing. The great thing about the spa is that they can create targeted and tailored programmes that are specific to you, making this the ultimate in relaxation. Then you also get the peace of mind that you are actually being treated for your ailments, whether that is sore legs or stiff shoulders. Everyone deserves a break from the stress of everyday life and this is the place where you can really treat yourself. After all, you only live once!

You can also partake in the Bodyism method if you are really wanting to feel healthy and rejuvenated. This is a total approach to well-being and while you are at the hotel you can meet with elite personal trainers from the UK who specialise in all things lean and clean including detoxing and fat loss.

You can even take tennis lessons from at the Tennis School by Goran Ivanišević with professionally trained coaches (by the man himself). And you don’t have to be a tennis whiz either – beginners welcome! Basically the point of all of this is to get your body back into a state of active health and promise me, after a stay here you will feel extremely rejuvenated!


And you can’t have a luxury holiday without eating amazing food. And luckily you don’t have to leave the enclave of the hotel to get it. There are five amazing restaurants on site and they all have fresh and delicious food. First off is Nusr-Et, which specialises in succulent, fall-off-the bone meat – meat-lovers will find their paradise here. The finest meat is flown in to Nusr-Et from Instanbul so you know they take their meat seriously! This restaurant sits right on the beach so you can sit and drink Turkish coffee to your hearts content and stare into the distance. If you are a meat lover then then this is the restaurant where you can sink your teeth into a juicy steak. And everything here is served on wood, which I absolutely love!

P5112035  P5112037


To indulge in Turkish fare head to Ruia for amazing and fresh Turkish food – yum! From Turkish pide to halloumi salads to mezze platters with hummus, baba ganoush (smoky aubergine dip) and fresh dolmades (grape vine leaf rolls), you will not be disappointed!




Everything is incredibly fresh and delicious and there are plenty of healthy options on the menu as well.



Turkish pide is the choice to go for however, this is essentially Turkish pizza which is created on a Turkish flatbread and topped with a variety of toppings which can include lamb mince, black pepper, spinach and Turkey’s famed peynir cheese, made from sheep’s milk to an ancient recipe. Seriously delicious (and no one counts calories on holidays anyways).


And to top it all off you must have a famous Turkish coffee – famous in its own right. Roasted and then finely ground coffee beans are simmered (not boiled) in a pot (cezve), optionally with sugar, and served in a cup where the grounds are allowed to settle. Don’t drink the grounds at the bottom!


Everyone loves Italian food and so there is Il Riccio, the sister restaurant to Michelin* The Capri Palace Hotel in Italy. Found on Il Riccio beach, the restaurant serves the best Italian and Mediterranean seafood. From succulent grilled octopus to the classic fried calamari, this is the ultimate in fusion Italian/Mediterranean. The restaurant sits right on the beach and is amazing for the evening and to sit outside under the stars enjoying the fresh air. The interior is purely Capri with its white and blue colours and decor with Aegean blue wooden tables, hand-painted majolica tiles and matching cupboards. For a seafood lover this is also a dream with choices of fresh catches such as octopus, cuttlefish, bream, sea urchin and lobster.




P5112048P5112049  P5112052

The best part about Il Riccio? The Temptation Room! I’m not joking when I say this is an entire room dedicated to your sweet tooth and who could resist that? From mini eclairs to tiramisu you won’t be able to resist the temptation!


When you finish your meal at Il Riccio simply wait on the dock for a boat to arrive within minutes to take you back to the hotel!


In addition to the restaurants mentioned above, there is also Zuma, the multi-award winning restaurant created by renowned chef Rainer Becker which is inspired by the Japanese izakaya. Zuma also has a resident DJ that performs in the evening. Zuma is great if you feel like having a cocktail and listening to some amazing music. Zuma’s very own mixologists create cocktails and non-alcoholic cleansers whilst their in-house DJs play eclectic beats for guests to enjoy during their gourmet dining experience. For a more casual but elegant feel there is also Bellariva, a restaurant that serves amazing wood-fired pizzas!

Also the D-Hotel Maris has fabulous sunsets. Take a seat on the hillside with a glass of champagne and enjoy the view!



The rooms at D-Hotel Maris leave nothing else to be desired. They have taken care of EVERYTHING. The level of service at D-Hotel Maris is impeccable, from the turning down of the beds to the cleaning of the rooms. Everything ticks, but without you being totally conscious of it. Things appear in your room out of thin air – chocolates, a bottle of wine and the curtains are opened or drawn in preparation for bedtime. Everything is thought out here which leaves you with no worry in the world except for what amazing beach you are going to soak up the sun at.


The room views are also incredible and amazing enough to just want to stay in your room the entire time! The ensuite bathrooms even have baths with amazing views as well – I think they must be the best baths in the entire world!

If you really have cash to splash, the Presidential Suite on the eighth and ninth floors has not only panaramic views, but also 24 hour butler service and a private jacuzzi on the roof. If you have more cash to splash you can also rent out the Exclusive Villa which has…wait for it…its own swimming pool, a private hammam and sauna, 24hr butler service, two bedrooms, dining and living areas, a walk-in wardrobe and kitchen. Now why would you ever want to leave if you had all of that?

If you can’t afford to book either of those options it’s all good because ALL rooms and suites feature either panoramic views of the peninsula or the mountains.

P5122088P5122090   P5122094P5122095And to top off your stay, there is no better day out than one on a yacht! D-Hotel Maris has three for you to choose from and the area also offers unspoiled coastlines to explore – 235 miles of it! On the yachts you can head to the island of Knidos which is an ancient settlement and city of high antiquity and where games in honour of Apollo, Poseidon and the nymphs were celebrated.

The situation of the city was favourable for commerce, and the Knidians acquired considerable wealth so it is well worth a visit by boat because you get a history lesson and get to enjoy amazing scenery along the way!

P5132128P5132129   P5132132  P5132134P5132135P5132138P5132139

D-Hotel Maris is a one-of-a-kind place that you will never, ever forget. Sometimes when you spend money on holidays you may feel some regret towards your bank balance before you go but after an amazing holiday, I doubt you will ever, ever regret going. Well worth the splurge!

For more on D-Hotel Maris see here.

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