Beauty Rocks Reviews: Crystal Ionic Sonic Cleanse System

These days with all the talk on pollution I am all about the cleanse! And the latest cleansers all about ions which is really exciting stuff! With all the dirt in our skin sometimes we need some extra help and our cleansers just can’t get it all. The Crystal Ionic Sonic Cleanse is a system to help cleanse and exfoliate the face and body, containing negative ions and ultra-sonic actions that pull toxins and pollutants away from the skin’s surface. How good is that?



This is super gentle on the face because it has silicone bristles which are great for even sensitive skin. The cool thing as well about this cleanser is that you can use it on the body too to exfoliate (with the Crystal Polish it comes with) and tone.


This cleansing device comes with Soothing Cleansing Gel, Crystal Polish and Skin Repair Moisturiser. So for cleansing you can use the gel and use the device in an upwards and circular motion to boost circulation and also tone skin. It helps counteract the effects of gravity! I love a cleansing device with silicone bristles as well and with this you can choose the level of exfoliation you want as there are three speed settings. If you want a simple cleanse, just apply the Soothing Cleansing Gel directly on the head of the device to a damp face and cleanse away. It feels lovely on the skin – really soothing, like a massage.




If you want a deeper treatment then go for the at-home microdermabrasion with the Crystal Polish. The same thing here – simply take a dab of the polish and apply it onto the head of the device and then massage onto dampened skin. Use the face polish to buff dead skin away – it is fortified with jojoba beads which gently exfoliate. You can use this on the face and body and if you use it on the body this would be a great prep for your beach holiday! Silicone bristles are also really great because they are hygienic and bacteria doesn’t have anywhere to hide on the brush. They are really easy to clean and to dry – easy as pie!



You can also use this device to apply the Skin Repair Moisturiser. After cleansing and exfoliating, treat yourself to an amazing little face massage and really massage that cream in with the Crystal Ionic Cleanse Device.


Just to note you can use this device with ANY skincare cleanser or moisturiser and it’s great for beginners to cleansing brushes because of how gentle it is. Also with the ionic technology it has the superpower to really draw out dirt and pollution! And the cost of £69.99 is quite reasonable for this kind of device.

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