Ionic Skincare Technology with YOSO Pro

Have you heard of ionic skincare cleansing devices? If not read on because you will want to hear more! I have recently gotten my hands on the YOSO Pro which is a three-step deep skincare device that uses advanced ion technology – both positive and negative ions to cleanse, moisturise and boost your skin. Think of it as a facialist that you can carry around in your pocket. I love skincare gadgets and this is no different – also it’s really easy to use.


The first thing that the YOSO Pro can help you out with is cleansing. The YOSO Pro uses positively charged ions to draw out the gunk from within your pores. You simply need to pop on a cotton pad over the titanium head and fit the pad onto the head with the plastic ring included. You apply your cleanser (I like Monu Gentle Cleanser for this) and then apply it directly to the skin using circular motions.



You have to fully grasp the YOSO Pro with your hand and once you touch your face this actually activates the device. You can choose the level you want – low, medium or high depending on how much of a deep cleanse you are looking for. I chose medium for my first time as I wanted an intensive clean but not too intensive. This is a great device if you live in a large city because it will help suck the pollution out of your pores!


The next action that this handy little device performs is to actually boost the absorption rate of your moisturiser so that it reaches the deeper layers of the skin. This setting uses negatively charged ions to help push the moisturiser deeper so your skin will actually be more hydrated. Using this cycle of positive ionic technology (drawing out the gunk) with the negatively charged ionic technology (pushing the good stuff in) will really help make your products work harder and more efficiently for you. This device could essentially save you on spending a lot of money on skincare products! It’s pricey at £150 but to have this kind of device that is doing three things (I am about to explain the third) I think it’s worth the splurge.


The last action that the YOSO Pro does is Boost! This function uses both positive and negative ions to enhance radiance. This is to be used with a mask and preferably a sheet mask. I love the sheet masks from Nature Republic and the soft vibrations of the YOSO Pro feel like a mini-massage. The ‘Boost’ function is best used a couple of times a week to make your skin glow and for maintenance purposes.


The great thing about this is that you don’t need any special moisturisers or cleansers to use this – you can use what you’ve currently got. I also like that with each function you have different levels of intensity that you can choose from so you can tailor your treatment to you!

To purchase YOSO Pro see here

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