Party Eyes: the Ultimate Cheat to Sleep

There is nothing like dark circles under the eyes to ruin your entire look. It doesn’t matter if your skin is smooth and your make-up is on fleek. If you have serious under-eye circles all eyes will be drawn to them and no amount of under-eye concealer will ever conceal them if they are deep enough. The answer of course is sleep but if you can’t get sleep or you were up all night tossing and turning (or partying), then there is Party Eyes.


Party Eyes is the latest innovation in the fight against tiredness. And we are all tired, aren’t we? I certainly need help sometimes with dark circles when I haven’t had enough sleep for whatever reasons. So how does Party Eyes work? It contains a few super-powered ingredients such asĀ Argireline (botox in a bottle), hyaluronic acid and haloxyl to combat the signs of tiredness including dark circles, under eye bags.


To apply it you click the pen applicator until a bit comes out at the top and then you simply brush it on underneath an eye. This is an eye serum after all, so consider it as that. However, this one in particular has a tightening effect around the eye so this is great for general under-eye lifting.


Once the product is applied you can either brush it in but I like to dab mine in so I make sure it is properly absorbed. By tapping underneath the eye you also increase the circulation which provides a further boost!


Not only does Party Eyes target under-eye circles but it also has anti-ageing properties in it and stimulates collagen so it provides an instant effect and also works on longer term anti-ageing as well.

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I really like the pen applicator – this is great for keeping in your handbag as well for a touch-up during the day. The brush tip also feels really nice going on too!


The formula is quite thick and rich which I like and upon initial application you may feel a slight tingling under the eyes but this just means that it is working!


To find out more about Party Eyes see here.

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*This post was in collaboration with Party Eyes but all views, as always, are my own!



  1. Iris
    March 16, 2017 / 9:04 pm

    Do you sell it in stores?

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