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Summer is coming and with that is the right to bare our legs (finally!). No one wants to have pasty legs that have just seen the light of day after 7 months so I’ve been getting mine ready to showcase. This is about enhancing what you already have and with that I’ve been testing out the Kissed By Mii self-tanning homecare range. Kissed by Mii is a professional tanning treatment (both spray and manual options) as well as a complete at-home collection.

Prepping For Summer With Kissed By Mii

Kissed By Mii - Photo Tutorial by Jamie 1

I was able to try out the spray tan myself and as a spray tan virgin, I was seriously impressed. I am not even joking that this totally made me glow for days and had people stopping me and asking me what I had done. Literally, not joking. I had never tried a spray tan previously and the Kissed by Mii one made me look really good, like I had a holiday glow. It took a few years off as well because it made my skin looking radiant and bronzed and everything looked lifted as a result. I would highly recommend one of these spray tans for an event or if you just want to look good. I wish I could have one every single week, along with a blow dry and a gel mani for constant maintenance!

Kissed By Mii - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 2

In regards to the homecare range, the products contain nourishing minerals including coral seaweed and coastal flower extracts so the range is really good for skin as well. The products also help you prep for your tan and also keep your tan lasting for longer.

Kissed By Mii - All Products

Kissed By Mii - All Products

Within the collection there are three steps when it comes to keeping your tan. The first is the Seriously Smoothing Exfoliator which does exactly what it says on the bottle. Before you get a tan (spray or one you do yourself at home), you should fully exfoliate your body so that all the dead skin cells are removed so you have smooth skin prepped and ready to tan. This will help keep your tan for longer.

Kissed By Mii - Seriously Smoothing Moisturiser

There are also Seriously Smoothing Exfoliating Wipes which do the same thing except in a jiffy when you don’t have time. These you can use on your face and body to exfoliate away and then quickly get your tan going.

Kissed By Mii

Once you have actually applied tan and the tan has developed, over the next few days you can add the Daily Boost Body Cream. This is a gradual tanning lotion that will help boost the tan and prolong it. This is fabulous to take on holiday with you as well when you don’t have time to top up your tan but want to keep it going.

Kissed By Mii - Daily Boost Body Cream

Kissed by Mii also have a range of cosmetics which are all 100% mineral based. So if you have a glowing body you better make sure your face is glowing too! All the products I have tried from Mii Cosmetics are all about getting that glow…

Kissed By Mii - All Make-up Products

And not only does Mii Cosmetics have an entire mineral make-up line but they also have amazing brushes too. And I am a big of a make-up brush magpie so I have been delighted with this Miracle Base Brush (below). This is great for buffing and the unique shape makes it really good to buff on either foundation or powder.

Kissed By Mii - Make-up Products

I also love the Forever Eye Colour Crayon (below) as well. This allows you to apply eyeshadow in a jiffy and I have really been loving the ease at which I can use these crayons – they are a real time-saver!

Kissed By Mii - Make-up Products

And I am obsessed with the Celestial Skin Shimmer (below) in Rose Quartz. This is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and gives the loveliest rosy glow – which looks fantastic post-tan. How pretty is the palette as well? It’s really hard to take the first swipe – you almost don’t want to ruin it!

Kissed By Mii - Make-up Products

We all suffer from under-eye circles from time to time. This Eye Loving BB Cream (below) is really good – it not only covers dark circles but is also hydrating and contains raspberry stem cells that restore skin, SPF that protects, hyaluronic acid that helps to plump fine lines and peptides help puffiness while light diffusing particles disguise imperfections. So literally this is skincare disguised as make-up which is right down my alley.

Kissed By Mii - Make-up Products

And last but not least I’m a bit of a lip gloss addict so this Mii Nourishing Lip Sheen is a lovely rosy colour. It’s moisturising, lasts for a long time and also helps to make lips look plumper. And who doesn’t want that?

Kissed By Mii -Make-up Products

Kissed By Mii - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 4

I’ve swatched the Nourishing Lip Sheen and the Eye Loving BB Cream below so you can see the textures – both really good products!

Kissed By Mii - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 5

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