Top Five Father’s Day Gifts

What to get for Father’s Day is always a tricky thing isn’t it? I always have the hardest time buying presents for men – I just don’t know what to get them! So for Father’s Day I needed some quick ideas so I headed to Red Candy who are a website that specialise in quirky and fun gifts for everyone. You won’t find cologne or the usual tie here but you will find some really interesting and unique gifting options for the father in your life! Here are my top five Father’s Day gifts….

  1. For the stylish dad – Marble Delight Clock

Marble Delight Clock - gold and black designer wall clock

This clock is really stylish and fabulous (I would even consider nicking this from Dad). It features a black marble print on the face with a plastic surround, half in white and half in gold.This would be great in a living room or kitchen. And the great thing is that it looks much more expensive than its £40 price tag.

2. For the dad who likes to read – Campervan Magazine Rack


I think this Campervan Magazine Rack is perfect for the dad who likes to read magazines. Magazines are hard to keep tidy as well so this keeps them all in one place with minimal effort. Great for the armchair adventurer and only £19!

3. For the world traveller dad – the Globe Light (French Blue)

This globe is perfect for the travel-loving dad and it multi-tasks as a desk lamp as well. This will be great for the dad who is ready to plan his next trip. It’s also quite stylish and a talking piece for any room. It’s a bit pricey at £72.00 but a really lovely and thoughtful gift.

4. For the organised dad – Evolution Book Ends

I love these bookends – they are stylish with a bit of fun thrown in and perfect for the dad who likes to keep things nice and neat. This is also a great way to show off a book collection for a studious dad! And it’s very reasonably priced at £21.50.

5. For the dad who likes his whiskey – Sagaform Whisky Stones


These stones are a great gift for a dad who is a whisky connoisseurs. The stones ensure that drinks stay perfectly chilled and undiluted. And if you are drinking a fine whiskey or scotch that means the world! These are a thoughtful gift (especially accompanied by that fine bottle of whiskey) and only cost £12.50.

For more gift ideas see here.

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