A Spa at Home Facial with Pure Spa

Pure Spa is a day spa that has locations throughout Scotland and they offer facials, massages, spa days and the whole lot! While I haven’t been to the spa myself I was excited to try their new spa facial range which is their first introductory range ever. I love it when spas create skin care ranges because they always look, feel and smell amazing!


The Pure Spa range contains 5 oil-based face products with active ingredients such as Vitamin E, Retinol, Kukui Nut Oil and Omega 3,6,7 & 9. I love the clean, simple feel of the packaging and the products themselves as they are just bursting with pure goodness! These are simple, down-to-earth but high performance natural products that have been created to really nourish the skin.

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The PURE Refresh & Revuve Face Spritz is the first product I want to talk about and this one is great for reviving the skin, especially in this recent bout of hot weather we have been having. I like to keep mine in the fridge and spritz it on during the day. It is so refreshing and lifts my spirits even more than a cup of coffee! It also contains no alcohol so won’t dry out the skin. Instead of soothes and refreshes – the perfect summer treat!

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I LOVE a cleansing oil and this Pure Clean & Glow Cleansing Oil smells and feels amazing. It’s also effective at removing make-up and debris. Pump a couple of drops into hands, warm and then spread across the face, giving yourself a little massage while you are at it. It softens skin and didn’t leave my skin feeling stripped either. With neroli and jojoba oil this smells amazing and is effective too!


My skin breaks out sometimes, especially during hormonal times so I found that when I used the PURE Regulate & Clear Face Oil it helped to balance my skin. It’s great for oily or combination skin that is also prone to breakouts. The oil is comprised of Ylang Ylang and Kukui Oil. The Kukui Oil contains omega oils that help to nourish the skin and Ylang Ylang helps with the balancing and helps control sebum. Again, everything that Pure Spa makes smells amazing so this is a real joy to use!


For the evenings when my skin needs to rest and repair I have been using the PURE Hydrate & Renew Face Oil which contains a multitude of essential oils that help really nourish and feed the skin to leave it glowing. I really love this oil – it is fantastic. It contains both Frankincense and Rose which smell amazing! The Frankincense really helps to regenerate the skin, which is why this product is great for night-time. My skin was really glowing when I used this.


Last but not least there is the PURE Regenerate & Boost Eye Serum for the delicate eye area. It contains Retinol and Argan Oil to help plump the eye area. I loved using this – it’s especially nice if you give your eye area a little massage – it feels really nice and you can boost the circulation. This is an anti-ageing eye serum and it’s great to start to use anti-ageing products around the eye as soon as possible because this is the area which starts to show the first signs of ageing.


For more about Pure Spa see here.

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