Weleda Celebrates 90 Years of Skin Food!

I’ve always loved Weleda and their natural, good-for-you skincare products. The brand has a feel-good philosophy and their amazing range of natural, eco-friendly products feel amazing on the skin. Weleda is celebrating 90 years (wow!) of their iconic Skin Food product which has so many uses (that I am going to tell you all about).


I was able to visit the Weleda gardens in Derby to learn all about the plants that go into their products which was really interesting to see. It’s always good to get up close and personal with Mother Nature as well and the fresh air outside of London certainly did me well. Before I get into my favourite Weleda products have a look at some of the pictures from the Weleda Gardens first!

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As you can see, there are so many plants and flowers in the Weleda Gardens, which lovingly go into the products. I’ve done a Weleda ‘Edit’ here with all my favourite products from the brand – these are products that I felt are Weleda’s most luxurious products – and they are natural!


I’m a bit of a stress head, running around all over the place at all times. Therefore I love an evening ritual of a nice cup of herbal tea, a hot shower or bath and then applying a soothing and aromatic oil all over my skin. I really love the Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil. The key word here is relax and we all know that lavender has magical soothing qualities. In this day and age, it’s really important to take some time for self-care. It’s just too frantic if you don’t!


The Lavender Relaxing Body Oil has a scent that is just amazing and I instantly felt soothed by this so it’s a great product for people who have busy lives and need to just relax after a stressful day! The oil contains lavender of course as well as sweet almond oil and organic sesame oil so this is also very nourishing to the skin.


I love body oils so it comes as no surprise that I LOVE the Weleda Wild Rose Body Oil. This oil feels so luxurious and with all the rose oils out in the market now, this is really good value at £21.95 because there are other rose oils out there that are not even as good as this one for triple the price! I love the scent of rose – it smells so precious and so luxurious to me. A must-have for your beauty ritual!


And now we get to the Weleda Skin Food! Skin food is this amazing, thick cream that will banish dry skin, rough spots and also soothe skin. You can literally use this anywhere and I learned that you can use this on your face as well which I didn’t know. So this makes a great night masque to leave on overnight because I tried it myself. It makes your skin really soft and supple the next morning.



You can use Skin Food as a lip balm, hand cream, body cream, balm, make-up remover, highlighter and face cream. I can think of nothing better to travel with! Skin Food has been around for 90 years and that makes it an icon. It’s no easy feat to survive for 90 years and still be a cult classic! The cream contains extracts of gentle viola tricolor, calendula and chamomile, in a rich, thick base of oils and beeswax. This might be the thickest cream you ever encounter but it does melt onto the skin as soon as you warm it in your hands.

After visiting the Weleda gardens in Derby I could really tell this is a brand that cares about the earth and what goes into their products. The products are truly made with love from the earth and Weleda goes as far as using biodynamic farming processes to put goodness back into the earth. It’s a 360 degree approach to their products – think of them in the same way as ‘farm to fork’ but ‘farm to body’!


Some other Weleda products that I think deserve an honourable mention includes the Wheat Balancing Shampoo which helps people with dry, itchy scalps. This shampoo smells uh-mazing! It feels really invigorating as well and contains tea-tree, rosemary and copaiba balm. This is a great shampoo to start the day with and will really wake you up! Wheatgerm oil and organic sage are the key players in this product and your hair will certainly thank you.


I’ve been using natural toothpaste for awhile now and love this Weleda Calendula Toothpaste. Calendula is anti-inflammatory so it helps if you are one of those types with bleeding gums. Fennel makes this taste fresh and lovely – a true winner!


For more on Weleda see here.

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