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How To Style A Lob: With the NEW GHD Azores

I recently got about 10 inches of hair chopped off and went for a choppy, trendy lob which I absolutely LOVE! You can read all about my lob transformation here but I wanted to do a separate post on how to style a lob with my favourite products and tool (GHD Azores). Once you get shorter hair it actually becomes slightly trickier when it comes to styling and prepping because it’s a whole new hairstyle that you have to get used to!


So I first wanted to talk about some of my favourite styling products and tools that I use on my new cut. My hair is super fine but naturally wavy which I am grateful for because it adds volume, movement and texture to my hair. I would never, ever permanently straighten my hair and I also like to use natural products on my hair (I’m not the ‘douse my strands in hairspray type’).


For amazing and natural hair care products, I am loving Davines. For shampoo I use the Davines Your Hair Assistant Prep which is really hydrating and nourishing but it doesn’t weigh my fine hair down. And that’s the key point I love about this product is that it still keeps my hair nice and light. Things like heavy hair oils, etc. just don’t work with my hair because it just ends up  making it look greasy. This shampoo is da bomb! And it contains no sulfites or parabens – a win-win situation don’t ya think?


Next up from Davines is the Love Conditioner. I love the little pot it comes in – very cute! This conditioner is very good for smoothing and is formulated Minuta olive from Sicily – rich in fatty acids and vitamins. Characterised by soft and creamy foam, it’s specifically designed to gently condition hair, which is great for fine hair. I only use a dab of this and mostly concentrate on mid-length to the ends of hair to condition the thirstier strands.


As I mentioned before, my hair is pretty fine so the Davines Texturizing Dust is amazing and it’s fabulous for a choppy lob! The more texture the lob has, the better it looks. This adds volume to hair as well so for fine haired people this is your new best friend! All you have to do is sprinkle a bit on the roots or apply to the hands and rub together and then apply to the hair for texture. It’s invisible and it’s great for updos as well!


For people with fine hair I also find that using the Viviscal Gorgeous Growth Densifying Elixir is fabulous. This is a densifying leave-in treatment that is also lightweight. I use it on damp hair after shampooing and leave it in, like a leave-in serum. It enhances the look of every strand to make them appear thicker and fuller and does that with a complex of Biotin, Keratin and Zinc. My hair falls out really easily and this actually helps reduce that. The reason my hair falls out so easily is that it gets really tangled so I find this really helps!


Okay so we have talked about the products that I use for my new lob from shampoo to conditioner to leave-in serum but what about to style it? Schwarzkopf have just launched got2b Playful which is a styling primer. What the got2b Playful primer does is that it gives your hair a grip but it still leaves your hair soft. So to create updos, braids or even really choppy waves this is a really good product!



And now we come to the hair tool section. The BEST tool I use to create a very choppy lob with the ‘I just rolled out of bed and didn’t try’ look is the GHD Azores Hair Straighteners. These are limited edition and I have the Atlantic Jade Styler (below). The colour of the tool is gorgeous and really does give off tropical vibes.



The styler comes with a heat-resistant bag which is brilliant because it means you can take these with you anywhere and don’t have to worry about waiting until they cool down to pack them away. Another key point I love about the GHD Straighteners is that they actually work abroad in so many countries because the the voltage range is quite varied and work with lots of countries. It’s about the same as a laptop so you can plug this in while you are abroad (of course you need an adapter) and not have to worry about blowing a fuse or causing any sparks. And trust me, you don’t know how important this is because it has happened to me twice! With cheaper tools you definitely won’t get this and you may well cause a fire abroad or a power surge. So it’s worth the money, trust me!



The GHD Azores Styler has the same technology of the GHD Gold Classic Styler and you can use it to both straighten and curl hair. The cool thing about it is that it has contoured edges so literally you can use this to create the style I’m about to show you in the next pictures because I asked my hair stylist to show me how to use it to create a choppy, wavy lob look using this tool.



So to use the GHD Azores Styler to create the tousled look below you need to use it from the mid-length of the hair and curl the hair around the tongs but leave the very end out so it remains choppy. You really need the choppy ends for a lob so it doesn’t look too ‘done’. And the GHD Azores styler is perfect. I also love the size of this and that it heats up in a jiffy so there is no waiting around! It travels easily and is really convenient to use so you can create this look in no time at all!


For more about GHD see here.

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