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Home » The Haircut Challenge: Cutting Off 10 Inches & Getting a Lob!

The Haircut Challenge: Cutting Off 10 Inches & Getting a Lob!

Recently I took a haircut challenge, cut off about 10 inches of hair and got a lob! Everyone’s getting lobs these days – from models to bloggers to celebrities. So if you have long hair and are thinking of heading to the short side, now is the time to do it. The trick to getting a good lob is to go to a good salon with a good hairstylist that has experience in creating those blunt ends that a lob requires. For mine, I headed to seanhanna salon in Putney (London) – straight into the trusted hands of hairstylist Lloyd Court (that’s him – on the below left).


The Putney salon is really lovely – a nice, glossy haven from the outside hustle and bustle. The staff are friendly and you can have a glass of wine or a coffee or a juice while they work their magic. And if you are chopping off 10 inches of your long hair, sometimes you need a little liquid courage so maybe go for the wine when choosing a drink! But honestly, there is nothing to worry about here. Literally, going from long hair to a lob was one of the best decisions I have made in the last few months.



The thing that sets seanhanna apart from other salons is that before getting a hair cut you actually get a really amazing hair consultation to make sure that the cut you want is right for you, or perhaps to discover if there is an even better cut option that will suit the shape of your face better. Every client who comes to seanhanna for a haircut can get the ‘Your Cut Your Way‘ hair consultation for free. This is a really great service and an interesting one if you have never had one.


My results are below – basically you are assessed on 7 features and where you lie on the scale of proportion to discover what cut will suit you the best. I discovered that I have very fine hair but there is quite a lot of it in regards to strands, which was a relief as I always considered myself having thin hair. Next up was forehead. Lloyd told me I had a slightly wider forehead so would also look good with a fringe/bangs. Next up was eye size. Mine are pretty average size but I do have smaller, more petite features in general.

In regards to jawline mine was slightly stronger, my shoulders were perfect proportion and I have a long, swan-like neck (which I never knew!). Lloyd told me that actually I would really suit a pixi cut or a tomboy cut but I wasn’t willing to go that far! But it’s good to know for future purposes.


So once we decided that indeed I would look good with shorter hair, mostly due to my longer neck we went on to creating the lob. I had really long, naturally wavy hair before so I took a few snaps before the cutting started…


So then for the big reveal…ta dah! The lob was revealed (below). Lloyd showed me how to style it using a GHD straightener (separate post coming soon on styling and products to use with this cut). I absolutely love my new hair cut and it feels so much lighter and healthier. And also it has made my entire face look more fresh and lifted. This is one of the best cuts I have ever had, honestly so if you are looking for a great salon where you will get a consultation to determine which cut is right for you then seanhanna is the one (ask for Lloyd Court – he’s really good). I’m thinking to return for a colour treatment next!

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