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The Mayfair W1 Fringe Bag: Lookbook

Today was a HOT day so it was definitely a day for shorts, summer sandals and a statement bag. I am loving this hot weather, it’s so nice to bare the legs without getting chilly. And my legs are loving the sun as well. This post is about my latest love affair with a little bag from Marc Ella London called the Mayfair W1 Fringe Bag

This bag is part of their postcode collection which I think is brilliant. These are bags designed for and inspired by various postcodes in London such as the EC1 Bag, SW7 South Kensington Bag, the SW1 Knightsbridge bag, the W11 Notting Hill bag and so on. I love this idea and think it’s really fun. And because the bags represent some of my favourite postcodes in London I want them all – it’s like owning a little piece and memory of that postcode too! 

P8063124 P8063125 P8063126 P8063127

As you can see this bag is quite the statement piece with the double fringed edges and square shape. I got quite a few girls eyeing up this bag when I took it to Richmond (another place that this postcode bag could fit right in). Literally people couldn’t take their eyes off of it, the reason being is they had probably never seen anything like it!


A little bit more about the brand (which I sought out because I thought their bags were really unique) – Marc Ella London makes luxury handbags and accessories. The key with their designs is that not only do they look pretty but they are also functional. Personally I love the unique designs and the fun names – the Mayfair W1 Fringe Bag makes me feel like I own a little piece of Mayfair (and at a much more reasonable price than the real estate!). The brand is based in London and was established in 2013 so is a new brand – inspired by all things London.


The Mayfair W1 Fringe bag is made of very soft leather and the inside fits a wide variety of things – my Olympus Pen camera fit inside of it, along with my mobile phone, lipstick, wallet and other necessary things. I love the fringe on the side and the unique square shape – I’ve honestly not seen many bags like it. I also like the branding on the bag – it’s simple but classy.


Another item I couldn’t resist talking about from Marc Ella is this Super Slim Cardholder. Hello Oyster Card, you’ve found a new home:) These are very simple and classy card holders and I’ve got the Sand colour below. You can keep your cards in the back where there are slits in which to insert them and you can also open the pouch to keep small change and bills. Again, I love the simple branding and also these are made from the finest Italian calf leather so the leather feels very soft and luxe. Super slim indeed and these make gorgeous gifts for people as well.

P8063133 P8063134

Because this bag does all the talking for you I don’t think it should be overpowered by an equally strong outfit so I’ve kept things really simple with my look. After all the Mayfair girl should own her look, like she is born with it.

I’ve paired the bag with some simple black shorts, a menswear denim top from Zara, a watch from Jord and my Ray Ban Wayfarers which never go out of style.

P8063137   P8063140


For more about Marc Ella London see here.

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