Holiday Packing: What to Bring

Packing for a holiday is probably one of my least favourite things to do. I love going on a holiday but packing for one takes ages and lots of planning (for me anyways) and I’m one of those people who spends hours packing and as soon as I get to my destination, the bag is unpacked and strewn across the room in minutes. Packing takes a long time, unpacking doesn’t. I’ve recently been to South Korea on holiday and have put together a handy little list of some items that I found very useful while I was there across beauty and lifestyle. So here’s my tips on holiday packing and what to bring!


First up you need a bag to put everything in! I’ve mentioned my Knomo x Ibiza Rocks ‘George’ trolley bag HERE previously but seriously this is a great carry-on bag because you can roll it or choose to carry it by its handles. It’s also padded on the inside so you can squeeze in your laptop and/or iPad to keep it safe.

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Despite my best efforts packing my clothes always get wrinkled so I absolutely love the Philips Steam & Go for when I travel. It’s a portable travel steamer for your clothes and it is brilliant. All you have to do is add a bit of water to it and watch in awe as your clothes become sleek and smooth again. I find that clothes look so much better when they are steamed or ironed – it can make such a huge difference and I even think that when you iron or steam clothes it makes them look new again. This little device you may think you don’t need but once you use it you wonder how you ever survived without it. Also steam kills bacteria so you can use this on sheets, etc as well to blast any germs.

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I like to take little luxuries with me when I travel and I love these Boux Avenue Vivian Satin Pyjamas – they look and feel fabulous and when you wear them you can feel a sense of luxury. The material is breathable and they look amazing on and feel good to sleep in. Luckily they are in stock and available here.


Boux Avenue also does amazing bras – almost all of my bras are from Boux Avenue and I have two bras from their latest collection that look sexy but feel comfortable. I’m obsessed with the Tori lace plunge bra (below) – it’s so comfortable but feels sexy at the same time. You can also get fitted at Boux Avenue so you make sure that you have the right size – it’s well worth it. I didn’t realise that I was actually wearing bras that were too big for me until I got fitted at Boux Avenue.


I also love the Toyah non-padded triangle bra (below). Again, this is so comfortable travel as it’s non-padded but looks and feels great. It’s the little things that count right?


You definitely want to look and feel your best while on holiday so would highly recommend the Glamoriser Straight & Style Speed Brush. I am lazy and don’t like to straighten my hair very seriously and this really takes the time out of straightening your hair. I was really pleased with the results and all you have to do is just let it heat up (within seconds) and then brush it through your hair. It will smooth everything down and give you a sleek look in minutes. Also a very important aspect about this tool is that the voltage is universal which means as long as you have the right adapter you can use this in pretty much any country. This is great news for a girl who has caused a power outage in China and blew up her hair dryer in the US. True stories. Always check your hair appliances to make sure their voltage is compatible with whatever country you are traveling to.

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Let’s talk about body. Travel and especially long haul flights make me tired and makes my body achy. I am usually straight to the masseuse after a long flight because I just need to get the kinks out of my body after sitting that long. A great product for the plane and after is the Mio Workout Wonder Ball. This is a muscle rub essentially and the applicator is a rolling ball so you can get a little massage when applying. I carried this on board and applied regularly throughout the flight to my calf muscles and shoulders/neck. It definitely helps to numb the pain!


For the plane I also take Dr. Rogers Restore Healing Balm which is a balm that was created by a dermatologist in the USA to treat patient’s skin after a treatment in case of any irritation. This is an amazing balm and it’s multi-purpose so I use it as a lip balm, face cream (dab around the eyes) and on the back of my hands. The consistency is super rich and thick and instantly soothing. The balm is free from petroleum, lanolin, parabens, sulfates, fragrance and any other common allergens. It’s really great for sensitive skin too!

P8283585 P8283586 P8283587 P8283589

When you travel you need sun protection (most likely). In South Korea, it was mostly sunny and hot and I needed some sun protection that I could trust and rely on. I’ve found that the Dermalogica Sun Protection 50 Sport is super good for face and body. I always make sure to apply it on my neck, shoulders and chest as well as making sure that I have covered my face as well. It doesn’t sweat off either so no matter how muggy and humid it is, that stuff is not coming off!

P8283536 P8283538

Also great if you get a sunburn is the Dermalogica After Sun Repair – super soothing for any red, sunburnt spots and a must-have for travel to warmer climates!


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