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Botox In A Bottle: Testing Out Remescar

I’m really scared of needles and have never had them put in my face. I’m all about prevention and using highly-targeted products to try and banish/prevent wrinkles. So when I heard about Remescar, a brand new eye bag/dark circle serum that has just launched at Boots and promises to tighten the under eye area and banish dark circles, I was intrigued. With the change of weather and the fact that I’ve recently taken a long-haul flight I’ve been left feeling jet-lagged and fatigued lately. And with fatigue comes dark circles under the eyes!

Testing Out Remescar

Remescar - Product: Eye Bags and Dark Circles Serum

Strangely enough one of my eyes has a darker circle than the other which is a bit annoying (it’s the left eye)! You can use Remescar with make-up or without. I’ve tested this with both ways. If you are not going to be wearing make-up you just need to wash your face, pat dry and then apply a very small amount of Remescar (about the size of a grain of rice) under each eye. You simply need to smooth outwards and then let it dry for two minutes. You can see what I mean by the below picture (this is not retouched in any way) – my left under-eye has a darker circle than the right under-eye.

Remescar - Example of Eye Bags

If you are using this with make-up you can apply your serum and moisturiser before applying Remescar. Wait a couple of minutes for your moisturiser to sink into the skin and then apply Remescar – just wait for it to do its magic and then apply your make-up after. If you do use oil-based make-up this may affect the results of the product so if you do have oil-free foundation it might be better to use it while you are using Remescar to get the best results.

Remescar - Product: Eye Bags and Dark Circles SerumRemescar - Product: Eye Bags and Dark Circles Serum with the box and packagingRemescar - Product: Eye Bags and Dark Circles Serum

Let me say that this is quite amazing. You will feel a bit of tightening under the eye and I could literally see instant results with this. It’s almost the same tightening feeling of how a mask feels when it dries but not as extreme. This makes sense as the product contains a combination of clay minerals (hence the tightening when it dries) and a bi-peptide complex. You can see from the below picture that the dark circle under my left eye (compare to previous photo taken right before applying the product) has definitely improved and this is within two minutes of using the product.

Remescar- Photo Tutorial By Jamie 1

The formula also helps to decrease fluid accumulation underneath the eye. Once the product dries, it feels like an invisible tape that smooths the under eye area instantly. You will see instant results with Remescar. I really felt like this was ‘botox in a bottle’ because it feels like it almost freezes the under-eye area (of course you can still move it!). I was so impressed that I put some on a fine line between my brows and it did the same thing – instantly tightened the area!

Remescar - Product: Eye Bags Dark Circles
Not only does it smooth but it really helped reduce the appearance of the dark circle under my left eye which is more pronounced then the right eye. Again it’s like an invisible tape that tightens the entire area and it worked on the area between my eyebrows as well.

The effect also lasts all day. If you have baggy, puffy eyes with lines and dark circles this honestly really helps. I have used products in the past that promised the same effect but didn’t do much and I really think this one works!

Remescar - Product: Eye Bags Dark CirclesRemescar - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 2

If you suffer from puffy eyes as well this would be a great product to assist with the draining of extra fluid under the eye. A little of this goes a long, long way so although the tube is tiny, the product will last a long time. I can see this being a make-up artists must-have necessity in his/her kit to use on models before a photo-shoot because it gives instant results. So if you are taking photos, need to go to an event or just want to get rid of dark circles every single day, this would really help!

If you try Remescar and notice amazing results you can share them on the Remescar social pages via Twitter and Instagram @RemescarUK with the hashtag #NoMoreBaggage

Remescar is available HERE (link) at Boots.

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*This post was in collaboration with Remescar but all views, results and opinions are my own as always!



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