Acne Assassinator or Pollution Protector? Discover Eudelo London

Blast away acne? Eliminate signs of pollution damage? You name it and Eudelo London does it. I’ve recently discovered this little hidden gem in London which offers high-tech skincare treatments to deal with the most annoying of problems. Eudelo stands for European Dermatology London and it’s a private Specialist Skin Clinic run by Medical Director Dr Stefanie Williams, who pretty much, let’s be serious – does IT ALL. I mean facials are nice but I need more than a massage on my face – I want LED, lasers, peels – I want the whole shebang. Eudelo London offers the latest in scientific facials using high-tech machines and cool devices. And the staff who treat are all highly-trained dermatologists who have in depth knowledge of everything in regards to skin. 


Eudelo London offers different treatments depending on the issue. For example if you want to blast away acne then I would recommend booking in for the Acne Assassinator treatment. Got Rosacea? Then the Rosacea Assassinator might be better suited. There is also the London Pollution Protector Treatment and the Supreme Age Decelerator. Brown spots? Book in for The Intense Brown Spot Minimiser. 

Literally any problem you have you can get it treated here in regards to skin. I would highly recommend if you do have a skincare problem or want a really effective facial to see a fully-trained dermatologist. If you want to relax, it’s fine to go to a spa for a facial but if you want real results with high-tech devices, then Eudelo London has them. You can also be recommended various products when you book in for a consultation or treatment. Some products were recommended for my skin – which is oily (but dehydrated) and also starting to show the first signs of ageing – which I am going to talk you through. Here we go!  

La-Roche Posay Redermic R

For anyone concerned about ageing I would highly recommend looking into using products with Retinol. If you are familiar with La-Roche Posay you may or may not do they do a more high-level skincare product in the form of Redermic R which is formulated with 0.3% retinol and an exclusive retinol booster complex. You can use it to target lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and dark spots. Because La-Roche Posay’s entire philosophy is around skincare for sensitive skin this is also ideal for sensitive skin. And it’s sometimes tricky to find a retinol-based product that won’t irritate sensitive skin. This one is great!


NeoStrata Smooth Surface Daily Peel

This product is brilliant for creating an ‘at-home peel’ – you can see there are two products in the set and how you use them is you first pour the entire bottle of the NeoStrata Surface Daily Peel into the pads and then discard the bottle. This ensures the product is super fresh and ready to use. This is a daily at-home peel that will help exfoliate skin and refine skin texture. This will in turn help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I had not used NeoStrata before trying this product and it’s safe to say I am hooked now! It’s easy to use as well because you just apply a freshly soaked pad to the entire face and then leave on the solution. Think of it as a kind of toner. You can apply moisturiser right away afterwards and you do not have to rinse this off. If you are big into exfoliation like I am try this solution as it’s quite good and helps get skin glowing for the holidays – all in the comfort of your own home too! Your skin may be more sensitive to the sun so it is recommended to wear sunscreen when using this treatment. 


Oxygenetix Breathable Foundation

I like foundation that works just as hard as my skincare and also lets my skin breathe – ahhh. Oxygenetix has just launched a new breathable foundation that is perfect if you have acne-prone skin. If you have also recently had a treatment on the skin this also works amazingly as you can let your skin reap the benefits of the treatment while still wearing foundation. Basically think of this as a very good camouflage. The foundation also includes Salicylic Acid which helps to target acne. So you can treat and cover at the same time. I like to use this foundation during hormonal breakouts which happen every single month so it’s handy little tube to have around. And it contains SPF 25 (I’m a big fan of sunscreen – read more HERE) – how can you go wrong? 


Eudelo has two locations – one on London’s Harley Street and the other by Vauxhall Bridge on Bondway St. 

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