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Harley Street Goes to Greenwich

My skin needs a little help from time to time in the form of a facial or a peel. With all the pollution in London and living in the heart of the city, my skin takes a bit of a beating and needs some help from someone other than me sometimes. I had a little ‘staycation’ in London recently and instead of jet-setting off as I usually do to some exotic location, I wanted to stay here in London to see how life would be if I just had extra time. And by extra time I mean being able to get a facial or massage, meet friends for lunch and/or go see a movie. Because currently I just don’t have any time to do those things so I was grateful for the opportunity to tick ‘facial’ off my list and head to the Nova Asthetic Clinic – a Greenwich skincare clinic. 

Nova Asthetic Clinic - a Greenwich skincare clinic. Nova Asthetic Clinic - a Greenwich skincare clinic.

Now this clinic has all the facilities of a Harley Street Clinic – from plastic surgery to fillers to just good ole’ facials – but it’s in the heart of Greenwich. The clinic was quite peaceful when I visited on the end of the day on Monday and everything looked new and shiny. 

I checked in and was first taken to do a 4D Skin Scan using the cutting-edge OBSERV machine. This machine looks at all the damage that is underneath the skin by using various forms of light. It can see it all – including sun damage, premature ageing, pigmentation and oil build ups or congestion of the skin which can result in breakouts.

4D Skin Scan using the cutting-edge OBSERV machine

This is a good place to start before a facial or peel simply as the therapist knows exactly what kind of problems they are dealing with. My diagnosis surprised me – my skin (which I thought was oily) was actually dry and very dehydrated but producing a lot of oil to overcompensate for the dryness. I was recommended to use products containing hyaluronic acid (which I instantly began using the second I returned home) and moisture-boosting products to help hydrate my skin again. Another problem I have is pigmentation – especially on my forehead. To this day I am really not sure what caused it but the therapist thought it could potentially be melasma, caused by hormones and/or stress. It’s not super noticeable but it’s noticeable enough to really bother me so I’m glad it was brought to my attention so I can start to look at how to treat it. 

4D Skin Scan using the cutting-edge OBSERV machine

Next I was taken to another part of the clinic where I would have my facial. It was nice and relaxing in the room and I was able to close my eyes and let the therapist go to work. She used a range called Dermaquest on my skin which I had never tried before but now love and want to get for myself. The Dermaquest range of products are great for facials because they contain active ingredients. Literally I am obsessed!

First off the therapist used the Dermaquest Essential Daily Cleanser which gently buffs away any dirt and make-up, whilst exfoliating with papaya and pineapple extracts, followed by the Dermaquest C Infusion Cleanser – full of Vitamin C to invigorate the skin. The scent of the products as well is just amazing and they feel really nice on the skin.

My skin was then given a full chemical exfoliation with a lovely exfoliator cream full of flower enzymes. After the exfoliation the therapist applied the enzyme mask followed by the mini pumpkin mask for my pigmentation and early signs of ageing. Let me tell you that the Dermaquest Mini Pumpkin Mask felt amazing and it really brightened my skin as well. 

Dermaquest Mini Pumpkin Mask

The therapist then finished off the facial with a lovely pressure point massage on the scalp area and applied the final products to my skin which were the Dermaquest Rebuilding Complex Serum (good for promoting the production of Collagen and elastin, which are lost from our skin as we age) followed by the Dermaquest Daily Essential Moisturizer for hydration.

If you are visiting Greenwich the Nova Asthetic Clinic does offer complimentary consultations to discuss what you need. I always think if you do have skin concerns you should speak to a professional. When your issue is treated you will then feel a whole lot better! Your face is your window to the world so it’s important to look after it. 

You can also get 25% off your first treatment (not injectables or NovaLift) by quoting BEAUTY25 – what have you got to lose? 

For more information advanced skin treatments in London at Nova Asthetic Clinic visit HERE.


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