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When you prep for a holiday what do you do? Of course it depends on where you are going, what you are doing and who you are going with. For me I like to get my nails done (shellac preferably), possibly a spray tan (if I am going somewhere warm), a bikini wax (again for a beach holiday), my hair cut and highlighted (yes I know it sounds like I’m high maintenance) and definitely I like to get a facial if I am going somewhere extra special. I was lucky enough to get to experience the brand new CACI Synergy Facial Toning Treatment (in other words the Red Carpet Facial) at Seduire Clinic in London recently to get my poor tired face plumped and lifted. Getting a facial actually reinvigorated my love for facials as I usually opt for massages as my muscles get so wound up. But it really is amazing what a facial can do and especially a CACI Facial. And when J-Lo pronounces her love of CACI facials to the world then you better sit up and listen because that woman looks incredible! And we hear J-Lo has her own machine at home. No wonder!

The Red Carpet Facial

Red Carpet Facial - Seduire Clinic LondonRed Carpet Facial - Seduire Clinic London

Red Carpet Facial - Seduire Clinic London

So first of all what is CACI? Basically this is a muscle-lifting treatment that uses microcurrent technology to send tiny electrical impulses into your muscles to help lift and retrain them. Think of this like a really good session at the gym – for your face. What this does is really help to tone, lift and contour the face. And if you want a facial with a longer term result it would be good to look into CACI as more of a long-term investment. Because actually what is really recommended if you are going to try out CACI is to get an 8-course treatment because then the results can be permanent as long as you maintain them over time – say by getting a CACI facial once a month. But even if you just want to try one treatment the effect will last around a week or 10 days so it’s great for pre-wedding prep, a big event or pre-holiday prep. Or just if your face looks exhausted like mine did!

Red Carpet Facial - CACI Synergy Facial Toning Treatment and Red Carpet Facial

So as I mentioned above, the new CACI treatment that is available is called the CACI Synergy Facial Toning Treatment and combines both microcurrent technology with LED skin rejuvenation and S.P.E.D. (Simultaneous Photo Electrical Delivery). So basically that means you get double the results – one with the toning and lifting through microcurrents and the other with the further regeneration of collagen and circulation through the LED light. 

You might think this sounds like it hurts but it doesn’t hurt at all. You might feel a tiny electrical impulse and a metal taste in your mouth but it’s nothing serious at all. I actually really enjoyed this facial because the therapist takes two metal prongs to tone your muscles with the microcurrent and lifts your muscles with it. What this means is that it feels like a deep tissue facial massage which I absolutely love.

Red Carpet Facial - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 1

So how the new Synergy treatment works as opposed to the regular CACI treatment (with just the microcurrent) is through a 4-step process. 

What happens first is Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing which just deeply cleanses the skin of any impurities and pollutants and helps with congested skin. My therapist recommends for people living in London to get a really deep cleansing facial once a month and I couldn’t agree more. My skin and pigmentation became so much worse since I’ve lived in London and I just have to blame that on pollution. Pollution particles are scary – they sink into the skin because they are super tiny and cause havoc. So I’m getting more and more into facials because I can tell how much more glowing my skin is after and I think they are a great anti-ageing practice to put in place. 

Next the therapist will start with an Orbital Skin Resurfacing – this is basically a very gentle microdermabrasion which doesn’t hurt at all but feels quite nice on the skin like a tickle. This helps to remove old skin cells and reveal the healthier skin underneath and a great thing about this is that it helps to even out the skin tone. I suffer from a bit of pigmentation so really need an intensive facial treatment from time to time to help prevent any more from occurring.

Red Carpet Facial - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 2

Once the face has been thoroughly cleansed then the actual CACI microcurrent application (which also emits LED red light) begins – again this is very much like a lifting facial massage using two metal prongs that deliver electrical impulses into the skin and help move the muscles into place. The reason why this works better over time is that our muscles have memory and if you keep up the CACI treatments you will have permanent results. The movements contract all 32 muscles in the face and neck!   

This is much like going to the gym for the rest of your life as opposed to just once. The LED red light works by reaching the depths of the skin and helps to stimulate collagen renewal and circulation, making your face look plumper. It’s great for ageing skin and scarring. 

Once the microcurrent technology is applied all over the face (in conjunction with the LED red light) and the muscles are lifted then the therapist will use a CACI Wrinkle Comb which helps to target deeper lines on the face. My therapist used mine around the eyes (not too close though) to target fine lines and also over the lips for an instant plumping. The Wrinkle Comb provides an alternative to dermal fillers so it is quite plumping and I did notice that my face was definitely looking not only brighter post treatment but plumper and more refreshed looking. In fact even the day after I could still see the results (if not better) and it even looked like I had already been away on holiday! 

Red Carpet Facial - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 3

After the CACI Wrinkle Comb, a CACI Hydro Mask is applied that feels amazingly soothing and contains hyaluronic acid, collagen and rosewater to help give the skin a much-needed drink of water. My skin is really dehydrated so felt like I really needed this. Over the mask a blue LED light is applied to help soothe the skin. Blue LED light is antibacterial and also is great for acne-prone skin. You don’t feel a thing with the light and the positive and negative polarity helps push the product even deeper into the skin than what can be done manually. Then finally, it all ends with hydration cream, eye wrinkle gel and SPF (always wear it!). 

Red Carpet Facial - Photo Tutorial By Jamie 4

I definitely not only noticed an effect right away but also a great effect the next day with skin plump and bright. I only did one CACI Facial but if I could I would be a life-long user! If you can see the images below you will notice that the pigmentation is reduced, my skin is plumper, lines are reduced and my lips are fuller. All in all a winner!  

The NEW CACI Synergy facial toning treatment is priced from £150 for 90 minutes and is available at Seduire London in Soho. And you can get 15% off treatments by quoting BEAUTY ROCKS. Seduire has a whole range of services available as well if you are looking and specialise in lasers and non-surgical treatments.

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