Where the Rum Is Strong and the WiFi Weak: A Caribbean Digital Detox

Imagine landing on an island inhabited by 169 people where the sea looks like a swimming pool and there is nothing to do but relax. Yeah, I know – pure bliss right? Well, it’s ALL about the relaxation vibes and digital detox on Little Cayman, the smallest island of the three Cayman Islands which include Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Digital Detox - Cayman - Point of Sand Beach

A lot of people when traveling to the Cayman Islands ever only make it to Grand Cayman which is the largest of the three. Grand Cayman is absolutely stunning and amazing and certainly a fabulous choice if you want to wine and dine but still get access to stunning beaches – it’s the best of all worlds, really. But if you want a serious digital detox and relaxation is your main goal then I would not miss out on Little Cayman.

Digital Detox - Cayman - Point of Sand Beach

So how do you get there? Well it’s only about a 35 minute flight from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman by the tiniest plane ever operated by Cayman Airways. Honestly you sit on a bench and can see right into the cockpit which is an experience in itself! The plane seats a max of 15 people I reckon – the smallest amount of passengers I have ever seen or experienced on a flight.

Iguana crossing signs greeted us right outside of the airport and were everywhere – that’s when you know you are in the tropics! We (Hayley, Sinead, Bonnie and Rose) took the shuttle straight to the Southern Cross Club which is one of the two main places to stay on the island. Once you are at the outhern Cross Club you can either lounge by the pool and read a book or get a little more active with a fishing trip or paddle-boarding out into the sea. You also don’t need to go anywhere else for your meals or drinks because Southern Cross Club has a restaurant that has a breakfast buffet (with waffles and the BEST mango ever), lunch and dinner options.

Little Cayman was our last stop on my recent trip to the Cayman Islands and I would suggest if you are visiting all three to make this your last destination so you end your holiday feeling totally zen. We all need a digital detox sometimes – I can’t tell you how nice it is to put my phone on silent, face it down and leave it in a dark, dusty corner. As a blogger (and Instagrammer @beautyrocksblog), I’m a bit of a phone addict but honestly the amount of freedom you can experience from just getting off your phone is amazing! 

Upon arrival to Little Cayman the sun was shining and it was HOT. And let me tell you once I got on the island I definitely wanted to put my phone out of sight (after taking some photos of course) and RELAX.

Digital Detox - Cayman - Point of Sand Beach

So upon arrival (after breakfast and checking into our rooms where I found some Caribbean Rum Cake from Tortuga waiting for me on my bed) it was time to explore.

Digital Detox - Little Cayman - Southern Cross Club Digital Detox - Little Cayman - Southern Cross Club

Sinead and I wandered down to the docks where a fishing boat had just arrived back with their morning catch of fresh yellowfin tuna (a HUGE catch indeed). The fisherman were slicing up fresh sashimi from the tuna right there and then and if I hadn’t already stuffed myself on waffles at the breakfast buffet I would have joined them (they did extend an invite after all). Some of the catch was even fed to an audience of nurse sharks and large carp that were circling below the dock. The water was crystal clear and apparently the fish party were used to getting a snack at that time every day (10am sharp!). It was incredible to see the sea life just swirling right below our dangling feet.

Digital Detox - Fishes

Snorkel masks and paddle boards were available to be borrowed from the property at any time so Sinead, Rose and I all decided to give it a go. I had never tried paddle boarding before so I was really keen to try. It’s harder than it looks – trying to steer yourself in the right direction especially against the tide and the blowing wind is quite the workout! Let’s just say I ended up at the end of the beach later. But once you float out onto that crystal sea it is absolutely stunning. You can get off the board and take a dip if you get too hot because the water isn’t deep and is crystal clear all the way to the bottom. It’s certainly a good way to work off the waffles!

And if you are keen on doing a digital detox there is just no way to bring your phone out onto a paddle board so no one can reach you!

To show you how relaxed the vibe is on Little Cayman there is an open bar during the day where you can serve yourself and make your own tab – it’s all based on an honesty policy. Cocktail o’clock starts later in the evening where you can get mojitos, margaritas and fresh strawberry daiquiris.  

Digital Detox - Little Cayman - Point of Sand Beach

After paddle boarding we headed out to another key spot on Little Cayman – Point of Sand beach – to do some snorkeling. This is an absolutely STUNNING beach with white powdery sand and azure, crystal clear sea – a dreamy destination. The water temperature is amazing – it’s not too hot and not too cold so you can jump right in without wincing. I also like that Little Cayman is so safe. You can literally leave your stuff on the beach (and I’m talking iPhones, expensive cameras etc.) without worrying about anyone taking them. Snorkeling at Point of Sand beach is really easy and gentle so it’s great for beginners – the water is incredibly clear and I even saw a nurse shark! Okay that really frightened me and I have to admit I swam back to shore pretty quick but they are absolutely harmless! Swimming in the sea is so therapeutic – take me back!

Digital Detox - Little Cayman - Point of Sand Beach Digital Detox - Little Cayman - Point of Sand Beach Digital Detox - Little Cayman - Point of Sand Beach

After Point of Sand we headed back to Southern Cross Club to have dinner. And guess what was the catch of the day? You guessed it. Yellowfin tuna! Honestly the seafood on the Cayman Islands is delicious – think meaty and flavourful tropical fish like mahi-mahi and you are on the right track. The tuna was amazing and out of this world fresh having just been caught that very morning.

If you stay at the Southern Cross Club you have to try the fresh strawberry daiquiris as mentioned before and when in the Caribbean you must drink rum, rum, rum. In fact if you want to go somewhere where the wifi is weak and the rum is strong look no further than Little Cayman. Okay, okay there is wifi but who needs to get online when you have an ocean that looks like a swimming pool, amazing weather and lots of water activities waiting for you just on your doorstep? Go get lost, ditch the phone and have that digital detox you always wanted.

Digital Detox - Little Cayman - Point of Sand Beach Digital Detox - Little Cayman - Point of Sand Beach Digital Detox - Little Cayman - Point of Sand Beach

The next morning we woke up to more glorious weather and went to another part of the island (about a five-minute drive down the road from the Southern Cross Club) to snorkel and it was simply amazing! Sinead, Bonnie and I swam out to the edge of the reef and it was incredible – the amount of sea life seen was just like Finding Nemo with all the schools of brightly-coloured fish. And the best part of all? A sea turtle gently swimming below us. I’m really sorry I don’t have any pictures of this but no phones allowed on the reef!

And what to pack? Well I’ve got some packing tips on what I took HERE but to add to that list make sure you bring a swimsuit, a cute dress, sandals and some earrings for those perfect island vibes (I’m wearing some above from Rock N’ Rose available from Not On The High Street HERE).

Little Cayman is dreamy – I would highly suggest adding this to your itinerary if you are thinking of visiting Grand Cayman. Cayman Airways flies there every day and it’s the perfect place for a bit of peace and quiet. I would pack my bags today if you told me I could be there by tomorrow. You never know when I’ll be back…

For loads of travel tips and information on the Cayman Islands visit HERE


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