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Flower Power: The Best Summer Fragrances

Oh, I love a summer fragrance – there is something whimsical and romantic about them with florals at the heart of it all. I treat fragrances like I do a great pair of shoes – it really depends on my mood in regards to what I pick to wear for the day. Here are some of my favourite and best summer fragrances.

Oscar De La Renta Bella Blanca

The Oscar de La Renta Bella Blanca is the fragrance I’ve seen most recently splashed across Instagram. It’s a beautiful bottle and again, I love the 30ml size because it makes it both easy to pack to take on holiday or simply to carry in your bag for daytime touch ups on-the-go. This is a white floral fragrance and the bottle is stunning as well. The top notes are fresh and floral with freesia, green pear, cassis and mandarin which add a bright and captivating appeal to this fragrance. The heart notes soon start to immerge with violet leaves, jasmine sambac, white roses and Dewy Muguet which are a bit headier, leading you deeper into the fragrance. The base notes that dry down include Ambrox, Creamy Sandalwood, Peach Skin Musk and Cashmere Must which add a sultry appeal. Ultimately this is a feminine fragrance but one that I think works for both daytime and night time – a perfect all-rounder.

Oscar De La Renta Bella BlancaOscar De La Renta Bella Blanca

 Jean Paul Gaultier I Love

First of all, I’m in love with this bottle – it’s so fun and cute isn’t it? I have to give it to Jean Paul Gaultier – the fragrances are good and they last forever. This one is a limited edition bottle and is a floral oriental aquatic. Perfect for summer – it’s the perfect mix of fresh with a bit of sultry thrown in for good measure. The fragrance opens up with ginger so it’s sharp and spicy at first but also sweet with sugar cane juice which then further develops into a heart note of orange blossom and bottoms out with vanilla. This is a beautiful scent and I was really impressed with just how long the fragrance lasted on my skin. Perfect for either night or day, this one will see you through those long summer days.

 Jean Paul Gaultier I Love Jean Paul Gaultier I Love Jean Paul Gaultier I Love

Paco Rabanne Olympea

I’m a fan of the Paco Rabanne Olympea fragrances – they are really quite stunning. This one is an Eau De Parfum so again you will get the scent payoff in terms of longevity on the skin. This is a floriental fragrance which is my favourite category of fragrance for women – it’s quite a sultry one. It opens up with a fresh kick from green mandarin so you get those notes of fresh citrus along with ginger lily and jasmine. The fragrance also contains a salty vanilla accord which is really quite beautiful in the heart and then dries down to the bottom notes of cashmere wood and Ambergris accord. This fragrance is a great one for date night or when you want to feel a little bit sexier. Fragrance is personal I understand but I do think this one is a crowd pleaser overall.

Paco Rabanne OlympeaPaco Rabanne OlympeaPaco Rabanne OlympeaPaco Rabanne Olympea

Vera Wang Embrace Eau De Toilette

I’m becoming more and more attached to the scents of tea in fragrances. I just find the scent really fresh, invigorating and uplifting all at once. The Vera Wang Embrace EDT is another great scent for summer and this 30ml is the perfect handbag size for spritzing on-the-go as well. This has a fruity kick added to the scent of green tea with the addition of pear blossom which is really lovely and not too overpowering. I also love that it has bergamot which is one of my favourite scents. A really refreshing daytime scent that you can stash in your handbag – what’s not to love?

Vera Wang Embrace Eau De ToiletteVera Wang Embrace Eau De Toilette

Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose EDT

If you like soft and beautiful rose scents then the Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose EDT is for you. Think delicate pink rose petals, peony and finished with a woody and sheer ballet pink musk. This is a beautiful feminine scent that is perfect for daytime. I like to keep this one by my desk for gentle touch ups on-the-go. Wear with a floaty dress – this is pink to definitely make the boys wink.

Philosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose EDTPhilosophy Amazing Grace Ballet Rose EDT

Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose EDT

This fragrance from Philosophy which is the Pure Grace Nude Rose EDT is a bit fresher and more floral than the Ballet Rose EDT with clean dewy green notes, neroli and orange flower. It’s refreshing and uplifting and again perfect for summer due to the freshness of the notes. It would be great for everyday and perfect to pack for your summer holiday as it’s not too overpowering so is a nice fragrance to wear spritzed over clothes in the sunshine.

Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose EDT

Salvatore Ferragamo – ‘Amo’ Eau de Parfum

From the shoe man himself comes the newest fragrance from the spring called Amo. This is an ultra-feminine floriental scent and it’s a rich scent, perfect for date night or special occasions. Amo means ‘love’ in Italian and of course everything sounds better in Italian anyways right? You can really catch the floral fruity in this fragrance – so it’s no surprise that it’s the top notes of blackcurrant that hit you first. The heart notes are more floral with jasmine sambac but does have a twist with mate absolute. However, it’s the jasmine and blackcurrant I can smell the most from this scent. The fragrance ultimately dries down to notes of vanilla and ambrox (the strongest notes I could sense). This is ultimately a sweet floral fragrance that is both rich in scent and ultra-feminine and definitely a more youthful scent compared to the more traditional Ferragamo classics. 

Salvatore Ferragamo - 'Amo' Eau de ParfumSalvatore Ferragamo - 'Amo' Eau de ParfumSalvatore Ferragamo - 'Amo' Eau de Parfum

Do you have any special summer fragrances? What are the best summer fragrances you have ever tried? Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @beautyrocksblog for all my latest posts! 

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