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My Favourite New Summer Scents (and Unisex Fragrances too)

Oh how I love the warm days of summer! Sunshine really does change everything and in the summer season I feel more alive and vibrant, healthier and radiant. I feel like being outside more and spend more time in nature, my skin looks better and my overall wellbeing improves. My mood for fragrance also changes and I look for crisper, lighter scents that suit the summer days. Here are some of my favourite new summer scents which include some of my top new unisex fragrances as well.

top new unisex fragrances

Clean Reserve Solar Bloom

We all know it’s not great practice to spritz fragrance on your skin and then sit directly in the sun. Therefore, if you are looking for a non-toxic perfume for the warmer months (this still doesn’t mean you can spray and then sit in the sun though but better for your skin definitely) then consider the latest fragrance from Clean Reserve – Solar Bloom. First of all, I LOVE the scent of this fragrance (which I will touch on in a moment) but first want to point out that this is a sustainable beauty brand and also a vegan beauty brand. Clean Reserve also use responsibly-sourced ingredients that give back to farmers and their packaging is eco-conscious. I’m loving the focus on sustainable beauty lately and there is a real responsibility that lies with both brands and consumers to make the right choices.

Clean Reserve Solar Bloom

So now, let’s talk about the scent and how it makes you feel. The fragrance is an earthy one, inspired by the early morning sun and the warmth that brings to your skin. The fragrance notes that first hit you are citrus and flora with bergamot, mandarin and freesia but this is not an overly feminine scent (in fact, it’s very much unisex) and the fragrance dries down to a base of green vetiver, charcoal and coconut water.

Clean Reserve Solar BloomClean Reserve Solar Bloom

My thoughts on the fragrance? I have to say, it’s a huge YES from me. There’s something very sexy and earthy about this scent and I really think you could definitely wear this at night on a date. However, it’s still light enough for summer which makes this fragrance perfect for this season.

Clean Reserve Solar Bloom

Jo Loves – Jo by Jo Loves

I was lucky enough to experience a fragrance tapas session at the Jo Loves store in London. A fragrance tapas experience allows you to really sample all of the Jo Loves fragrances as well as be taken on a scent story with each fragrance you encounter. I tested over 15 different fragrances and I chose two to take home with me in the end. Jo by Jo Loves was one of them, a fragrance named after Jo herself and one that smells so fresh it’s perfect for the summer months.

Jo Loves – Jo by Jo LovesJo Loves – Jo by Jo Loves

I think you could definitely put this in the unisex fragrances category due to the fresh notes that would suit either a man or a woman. The top notes that initially hit you with a punch (a good punch) are grapefruit, bitter orange, lime and spearmint. I love the addition of spearmint because as I said this adds a real fresh feeling to the fragrance and one that’s perfect for a summer day when you feel hot and bothered. The fragrance dries down to base notes of Guaiac Wood, Cedarwood and Vetiver and finish off with Hedione and Black Pepper. It’s spicy, fresh and spirited – my new go-to summer scent.

Jo Loves – Jo by Jo Loves

Tocca Florence

When you see and smell at Tocca fragrance, you can’t help feeling uplifted. Along with the feeling and experience of spritzing a Tocca fragrance, there’s the vintage-inspired bottle to consider – one that would make any vanity table proud. I recently got my hands on the Tocca Florence fragrance which is a beautiful fragrance for summer with Italian bergamot, ivory gardenia, hand-crushed violet petals and blue iris. You can almost imagine and feel a walk in a summer garden in full bloom with one spritz. The overall scent is floral but it’s not too floral with the addition of bergamot and blonde wood to give it some depth. Someone get me to the Amalfi Coast with this one!

Tocca FlorenceTocca FlorenceTocca Florence

Jo Loves – Shards of Cedar & Red Thyme

My goodness if you want a fresh walk in a cedar forest then this is your fragrance. Another unisex one in for the win the Jo Loves Shards of Cedar & Red Thyme is a delicious journey through bergamot, lavender and vetiver (all my favourite scents basically) and it’s another fresh one for a hot day.

Jo Loves – Shards of Cedar & Red ThymeJo Loves – Shards of Cedar & Red Thymebest unisex fragrances

To me, this really reminds me of a man’s aftershave balm which is why you could definitely give this as a gift to a man or a gift for Father’s Day. But I tend to veer towards unisex fragrances anyways so I think it might be well worth it for a woman, too. Don’t forget to read about the top fragrances I picked out for 2019 as well. 

What are your favourite new summer scents? Do you veer towards more floral, feminine scents or unisex fragrances? 

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