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A Breath of Fresh Air: A Trip to Bachmair Weissach and the Bavarian Alps

I’ve been to Germany a lot in the last two years – Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich and my most recent – a trip to the Bavarian Alps. There’s nothing like fresh mountain air is there? If you live in a city, an escape to the mountains is the absolute dream. You can almost hear your lungs breathing a sigh of relief. This is how I felt on my most recent trip to Bachmair Weissach, a spa resort and wellness hotel located in Tegernsee which is about a 2-hour trip from Munich, right at the foot of the Bavarian Alps. So if you are visiting Munich, make sure that you schedule in a few days in Tegernsee. It’s such a delightful little German town – clean, beautiful and with the most amazing scenic mountains all around.

Tegernsee, GermanyTegernsee, GermanyTegernsee, GermanyTegernsee, GermanyTegernsee, Germany

Continuing my adventures with Mona from Mona’s Eyes Beauty (if you didn’t read about our trip to Munich make sure to have a read) we headed from Munich straight to Tegernsee. The trains are easy to catch and always on time. We arrived to our destination after a pleasant journey from Munich and straight from the station we were picked up by the Bachmair Weissach Porsche (bougie, I know) to be taken to the resort. So from that kind of start, I knew we were in for a great trip.

Bachmair Weissach Porsche

We arrived shortly at Bachmair Weissach and checked into our amazing room which was a suite with a sitting room, separate bedroom, large bathroom and a huge walk-in closet which makes such a big difference because you can hang up all of your clothes nicely and neatly instead of having them strewn around the room. I love a hotel walk-in closet!

Bachmair WeissachBachmair WeissachBachmair WeissachBachmair WeissachBachmair Weissach

There’s a feeling of calm the moment you enter the resort. It really is in a beautiful location, surrounded by mountains and trees so it feels like a real escape. People come to Bachmair Weissach to rest and unwind with all the fresh air, amazing food (the chef at the restaurants won Germany’s Master Chef) and of course, the incredible spa.

Bachmair WeissachBachmair WeissachBachmair WeissachBachmair Weissach

The spa was after all, where we wanted to go first of all. So after checking in we headed to the Mizu Onsen which is modelled after a Japanese onsen with different baths of varying temperatures, steam rooms and dry saunas. Now I love a spa and I can’t think of anything better to relieve fatigue then spending a couple of hours going in and out of the sauna. I’m a huge fan of hot/cold therapy which means that when you sit in the sauna and it becomes too hot, you then take a cold shower or take a dip in the cold plunge pool. Now I do recommend taking this slowly and it depends on your age and condition because getting into cold water after being so hot can be a shock to the heart. So the key is to take it slowly and let your body adjust to the new temperatures. I never take it fast. But I’m telling you after doing this for a couple of hours you feel amazing!

Mizu Onsen Bachmair WeissachMizu Onsen Bachmair WeissachMizu Onsen Bachmair WeissachMizu Onsen Bachmair WeissachMizu Onsen Bachmair Weissach

There are several cold plunge baths at Mizu Onsen that you can dip into slowly after being in the sauna. There are also relaxation rooms and lots of herbal tea and cold water to keep you going in between spa sessions. The spa design is also fantastic – very Japanese and very zen.

Mizu Onsen Bachmair Weissach

After spending all afternoon in the spa we got ready for dinner at the Mizu Sushi Bar in the hotel which I have to highly recommend. The chefs are actually Japanese and there’s even a sushi counter that you can sit at and watch them slicing up fresh sashimi. We took the recommendations from our lovely server Leandra who recommended a sashimi platter which came out very impressively surrounded by dry ice so it was quite a spectacular show indeed. With miso soup and a black cod main which was steamed to perfection it was definitely a meal to remember. We chased the meal with our favourite Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé which only added to the experience. Champagne always, I say.

Mizu Japanese restaurant at Bachmair WeissachMizu Japanese restaurant at Bachmair WeissachMizu Japanese restaurant at Bachmair WeissachMizu Japanese restaurant at Bachmair WeissachMizu Japanese restaurant at Bachmair WeissachMizu Japanese restaurant at Bachmair WeissachMizu Japanese restaurant at Bachmair WeissachMizu Japanese restaurant at Bachmair WeissachMizu Japanese restaurant at Bachmair Weissach


The next morning, after breakfast, we set out to explore a bit of Tegernsee. I have to say as far as hotel breakfasts go, Bachmair Weissach is has one of the best breakfast selections I’ve seen with all my favourites such as smoked salmon, salted German-style pretzels, fresh omelettes. And they even have a machine where you can make your own freshly-squeezed orange juice. Very impressive. Another thing I love about Germany is that all the cafes and hotels I’ve been in have oat milk for my lattes!

Bachmair WeissachBachmair WeissachBachmair WeissachBachmair WeissachBachmair WeissachBachmair Weissach

So after an amazing breakfast, we headed out into nature. Bachmair Weissach is located next Lake Tegernsee that reminds me very much of Lake Como in Italy and it’s only about a 15-20 minute walk from the hotel so if you do stay at the Bachmair Weissach I would highly recommend spending some time on the lakeside. There are lots of little restaurants and boutiques to explore, along with quaint churches. The lake is beautiful, surrounded by mountains and it feel so serene and peaceful. There’s something so calming about being by the water I always find.

Tegernsee, GermanyTegernsee, Germany

Another great thing to do if you want to get out and explore nature is to take the cable car up Wallberg Mountain (Wallbergbahn). It’s about a 10-minute car ride from the hotel to the cable car station and the hotel organises shuttles there every day so you can easily get there. It’s 20 Euros for a round-trip up the mountain and it’s 20 Euros well spent too. Mona and I went up the cable car and the views are INCREDIBLE. There’s nothing like being surrounded by mountains to make you feel so small and your problems so insignificant. And once you are on the top of the mountain it’s like a scene out of Sound of Music! You can even hear the sound of the cow bells which are still hung around the neck of cows on the mountain side so the owner knows where to find them, should they ever stray. So at my recommendation, PLEASE get yourself up that mountain! You won’t regret it.

Bavarian AlpsBavarian AlpsBavarian AlpsBavarian AlpsBavarian Alps

Another amazing activity you can do at Bachmair Weissach is horseback riding – the horses are gentle and they cater to all levels. After spending all day exploring the surrounding outdoor areas we headed back to the hotel to get in some more spa time before dinner. It’s a schedule I love – eat, spa, nature, repeat. 

Bachmair Weissach horse ridingBachmair Weissach horse ridingBachmair Weissach horse riding

For dinner, if you are eating at Bachmair Weissach, the restaurants alternate every evening so one night dinner is served at the Japanese restaurant and the next night it is served at the German restaurant – Gasthof zur Weissach. I like this style because then you are always trying something new. And at each restaurant there are plenty of options to choose from. At the German restaurant we chose to have some Riesling wine which was delicious and the perfect pairing for my salmon dish. Mona chose the chicken schnitzel which was absolutely delicious and we finished the night with some German ice wine and crème brulee. Not bad, not bad at all.

Bachmair Weissach and German foodBachmair Weissach and German foodBachmair Weissach and German foodBachmair Weissach and German food

If you do plan to visit Munich I do highly recommend a trip to Tegernsee and a stay at Bachmair Weissach. The staff are incredible, the spa is amazing and the food is fantastic. Oh and the surrounding scenery is STUNNING.

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  1. October 27, 2019 / 4:23 pm

    Great recommendations, Germany has so much to offer and I love their mountains, so calm and beautiful.

    xx A.

    • rockersjamie
      October 28, 2019 / 10:25 pm

      Thanks so much and yes, I agree – there are so many incredible places in Germany!

    • rockersjamie
      July 13, 2020 / 12:15 pm

      I agree! It’s such a beautiful place:) Thank you for reading:)

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