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How to Get Thicker-Looking Hair If You Weren’t Born With It

When I was growing up, I always envied girls with thick, long locks and always wanted to know how to get thicker-looking hair. You see mine is very fine so naturally it looks like there is less of it. We can’t change our DNA and what we were or were not born with. The way forward is to be happy with what we have and if we need to enhance here and there to make ourselves more confident then so be it.

Stranded Hair Group One Piece Extensions

I first want to tell you my story about hair extensions which was my very venture into how to get thicker-looking hair. I had wanted them for years and years after graduating university but they were so expensive so therefore I could never get them. On a four-month trip around Asia I stumbled across a salon in Vietnam with amazing prices for bonded hair extensions. Now I didn’t know then what I know now about hair, skin and nails so I happily signed myself up for these bonded hair extensions whilst in Saigon and got myself colour matched. What didn’t even cross my mind at the time was that the hair extensions that were being used were made from Asian (Vietnamese) hair. Obviously, there are huge differences in the hair types across race – Afro hair is different than Caucasian Hair, Asian hair is different than Afro hair and so on.

Also, the extensions I wanted were long, Rapunzel-like extensions – they went down to my waist. Obviously, this also didn’t look very natural. Now I would never think today to get a head full of hair extensions that were that heavy. You really have to think about your own hair type first when you are thinking about what length of hair extensions to get. Once the bonded hair extensions were put in it was very apparent that the texture did not match my hair’s natural texture – I mean, of course it didn’t! Over the next 2 months the hair extensions were so heavy and tight on my head I had a lot of hair fall-out over time and eventually I had to even cut them out of something that they got tangled in while I was sleeping. And even later I had to pull them out myself which even thinking about now makes me shudder. And let’s not even talk about the state of my poor natural hair after all of the bonded extensions came out.

It took my hair a long time to recover from those bond extensions and after that I decided I will only ever get extensions that are temporary and very light (like tape extensions) or clip-in extensions. The thing about clip-in extensions as well for me is that I sometimes don’t have the patience for them if there are loads and loads of them to clip in. Don’t get me wrong – they are amazing and so much better for your hair than bonds. But I’m an impatient person. When I want to have a full head of hair for a special occasion, I want to have it right then and there.

Stranded Hair Group One Piece Extensions

The great thing about clip-ins is that they are only temporary. You get the look you want and you can wear them every single day however you can take them out at night and give your hair a rest. This is what makes them the perfect solution to getting thicker hair without the damage.

And I do believe I’ve found the perfect clip-in and the secret of how to get thicker-looking hair, actually. Enter the Stranded Hair Group Clip In One Piece Hair Extensions. Honestly these are MAGIC! I had been wanting a one-piece hair extension for so long so that I could simply clip it in and then go – instead of having to fiddle with lots of individual clip-ins. And I can’t believe how easy it is to clip in the Stranded Clip In One Piece Extensions.

Stranded Hair Group One Piece Extensions Stranded Hair Group One Piece Extensions Stranded Hair Group One Piece Extensions

All you have to do is draw a line to section the top part of your hair. You can gather the top hair on the crown of your head into a bun and then clip in the Stranded One Piece into the hair. Start from the centre and then work your way out on either side. You can then take the hair on the top of your head out of the bun and arrange it over the clip-in one-piece so that it’s completely hidden and then you are good to go. Honestly, it’s that easy. I’m all about effortless beauty and if you can achieve a look that you want in less time, why not?

how to put in clip in extensions how to put in clip in extensions how to put in clip in extensions how to put in clip in extensions how to put in clip in extensions how to put in clip in extensions how to put in clip in extensions how to put in clip in extensions Stranded Hair Group One Piece Hair Extensions

There are several styles of One Piece Hair Extensions to choose from. You can get the Flicky One Piece which comes in two lengths – 14/16″ or 18/20″ and is curled up on the ends so that your hair is already styled. This is the one that I have in the 14/16″ length (as shown in the images) and absolutely love because my hair is already naturally wavy. To achieve this look I simply curled the ends of my natural hair and then put the One Piece in which took about a minute and then I was ready to go! I love the length of the hair as well – it looks so natural. As you know from my personal experience on my quest for how to get thicker-looking hair, super long hair doesn’t look natural on most people!

Stranded Hair Group Flicky One Piece After picture clip in extensions how to get thicker-looking hair how to get thicker-looking hair

The Flicky One Piece is also lovely and thick and it blends into your natural hair really well. You can also choose from a Straight One Piece or a Curly One Piece so whatever your hair type is, whether wavy or straight you can choose the One Piece that matches it the best. Also, the great thing about the Stranded Hair Extensions is that they are heat-resistant so you can use styling tools on them up to 180 degrees with no issues whatsoever. There are also 28 different hair shades to choose from which is fantastic. The shade that matches my hair the most is Ballerina Musk.

how to get thicker-looking hair

If you are unsure about what shade matches your hair type the best you can also order samples from the Stranded Hair Group website which ensures you get the exact colour match for your hair when your hair extensions arrive. Or you can do a free colour-matching service online whereby the Stranded Hair Group colour experts recommend the best colour match from a selfie you can send to them of your hair in natural light. So easy!

how to get thicker-looking hair

And honestly the best part? The hair extensions are very reasonably-priced. You can get the same piece that I have for only £24.99. For this price it’s understandable that the hair is a synthetic hair but honestly it looks so real that you can’t distinguish it from real human hair. If you do prefer real human hair you can order the Four Piece 100% Human Hair Set which comes with four clip-in hair extensions that you can wear every single day.

how to get thicker-looking hair how to get thicker-looking hair how to get thicker-looking hair

I love that I no longer feel like I have to get bonded hair extensions to get the thicker hair of my dreams and knowing my story, you can understand why I don’t want to! So, if you are looking for thicker hair, definitely consider the Stranded Hair Group One Piece Clip In Extensions because they are so easy to clip in and make such a big difference, for such a little price. The secret to how to get thicker-looking hair was easier than I thought, that’s for sure!

*This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Stranded Hair Group but all views are my own as always



  1. March 24, 2022 / 10:22 am

    Indeed, extensions are the best solutions for those who are not blessed with long, thick hair. Also, you look beautiful with those extensions!

    • rockersjamie
      April 27, 2022 / 1:53 pm

      Thanks so much:)

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