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The Best Christmas Gift Ideas: The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2020

This year has been tough in so many ways. I don’t think I need to write a long paragraph explaining it either – every single person in the world can probably guess what I’m talking about because we have experienced 2020 as a collective. In what other time and place has the whole world gone through something like this – all at the same time? It’s certainly been a time of reflection and as a collective, we all have hopes for better times ahead. With this in mind I’ve pulled together some of my best Christmas gift ideas and put them in the Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2020. Each gift is a gift that keeps giving and is a special gift that will really give the recipient some joy. Because joy is something that we have all been a bit short on this year and if you can give a little at Christmas, why wouldn’t you?

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas: The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide 2020

AU-Rate Personalized Gold Jewellery

Everyone loves personalised gifts but what about GOLD personalised gifts? I don’t think anyone would say no to a luxurious piece of gold jewellery. What stops people from investing in quality jewellery that will last a lifetime is the price. But if you source from the right retailer, you can find the right jewellery at the right price – where everything is ethically made and sourced. In my search for the best Christmas gift ideas, I stumbled across AU-Rate recently which is a New York City jewellery brand where all the pieces are handmade in NYC.

AU-Rate Personalized Gold Jewellery AU-Rate Personalized Gold Jewellery

To explain the lower prices, there are no import taxes or mark-ups and the pieces are made on a made-to-order basis so that there are no product inventory costs passed onto the consumer. You can order gold personalized necklaces or rings and there are so many beautiful pieces to choose from.

AU-Rate Personalized Gold Jewellery AU-Rate Personalized Gold Jewellery

I love my AU-Rate Love Me Knot Ring in Yellow Gold – it is absolutely stunning and cost less than $100 from the AU-Rate site, which worked out to be something around £75 for a gold ring. Everything is ethically-made/sourced and for an ethical and beautifully handmade gift for Christmas (that will last a lifetime), I can’t think of a more lovely gift to receive (or give).

AU-Rate Personalized Gold Jewellery AU-Rate Love Me Knot Ring in Yellow Gold

Cochine Orange AmÈre and Star Anise Scented Candle

Candles – definitely one of the best Christmas gift ideas. You know when people say ‘Christmas in a candle’? Well, the Cochine Orange AmÈre and Star Anise Scented Candle really is Christmas in a candle.

Cochine Orange AmÈre and Star Anise Scented Candle

This is another gift of wellbeing because it’s said that a candle flame encourages relaxation and I really do believe this because when I have my candles burning, I do feel more relaxed. I am picky about my candles however and I always look at what kind of wax it is before I purchase (this one is a botanical wax). I like to keep in mind that when burning candles, I want them to be clean burning. This is a beautiful gift for the holidays and is inspired by the spice markets of Saigon.  

Cochine Orange AmÈre and Star Anise Scented Candle Cochine Orange AmÈre and Star Anise Scented Candle

The reason why it smells like Christmas in a candle has to do with the fragrance notes. Top notes of Orange Amère (Bitter Orange) and Star Anise, as well as holiday favourites Clove, Nutmeg and Cinnamon leaf, and base notes of warming Vanilla and smoky Guaiacwood combine to really make you feel like its Christmas.

Cochine Orange AmÈre and Star Anise Scented Candle

This is a beautiful, luxurious candle that will see someone through the dark days of winter (50 hours of it to be exact). As I always say, you can never go wrong with a luxury candle as the perfect gift for Christmas.

Slip Silk Face Mask

Silk – another one of the best Christmas gift ideas. I can’t think of a more appropriate gift to give in this day and age than a silk face mask. If you hate the itchy scratchy feel of the disposable ones and also want to be more sustainable by using a reusable face mask why not make it silk? I absolutely adore my Slip Silk Face Mask – it feels soft against the skin – also it’s super cute. I love the leopard print and it makes a fantastic Christmas gift for 2020 which is why it went into the best Christmas gifts of 2020 round up.

Slip Silk Face Mask

The Slip Silk Face Mask is made from 100% mulberry silk and it actually will not absorb your face product – i.e. your moisturiser like some of the other masks will. So, if you love skincare and want to make sure your skincare sits on your face whilst wearing a mask, then a silk mask is the way to go. I cannot think of a better gift to give someone. The Slip Silk Face Mask also delivers 43% less friction than other face masks – i.e. ones made from cotton – so it’s just kinder to the skin overall. It comes with nose wires and silicone stoppers so you can adjust it perfectly to your face shape too.

Slip Silk Face MaskSlip Silk Face Mask

I’m a fan of the leopard print but there are other colours as well such as ‘Black’, ‘Pink’, ‘Leopard’, ‘Rose Gold’ and ‘Rose Leopard’ so pick according to your mood!

Slip Silk Eye Mask

The gift of good sleep means a silk pillowcase and a silk eye mask. For sure. I really noticed a big difference in my skin when I switched to a silk pillowcase and a silk eye mask in terms of less sleep creases on my face upon waking. I love how silk feels against the skin as well so I do think this is a wonderful Christmas gift and it’s something anyone would be happy with – the gift that keeps on giving. The Slip Silk Eye Mask has been formulated from the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk with a 22 momme thickness and this literally feels like a soft kiss on the eyelids when you sleep.

Slip Silk Eye Mask Slip Silk Eye Mask Slip Silk Eye Mask

I love this limited edition pattern as well for the beauty lover at heart!

Equi London Immunity Edition

One of the best Christmas gift ideas? The gift of health and wellness. I love the Equi London supplements because they are whole food supplements that the body can readily absorb with no artificial ingredients. I think a lot of people know to check their food labels when grocery shopping but not many people know to check the back of their supplement labels on the ingredients list to make sure there are no fillers in the products.

Equi London Immunity EditionEqui London Immunity Edition Equi London Immunity Edition

I love that the Equi London supplements have not only nutrients, but also adaptogens and herbs that are found to boost health. The Equi London Immunity Edition supplements are a perfect gift to give, especially during this time of the year when people are likely to catch a cold/get ill more easily. The Immunity Edition supplements have immunity-supporting nutrients that aid the body in building resilience with mycological mushrooms and vegan probiotics alongside elderberry, Vitamins C and D3, Olive Extract and Zinc. It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves wellbeing.

Equi London Glow Edition

For the girl or guy who looks after their skin inside and out there are also the Equi London Glow Edition supplements which I love. I’m all about nurturing skin from the inside out because when I’m tired, so is my skin – so it’s important to stay healthy on the inside in order to look healthy on the outside.

Equi London Glow Edition Equi London Glow Edition

The Equi London Glow Edition contains a synergistic blend of 8 phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that support skin from within. It has been reported that this took months to formulate this supplement in order to get the best combination of ingredients that would provide maximum results. Key ingredients are MSM (which I take separately every day on its own – the organic one sourced from pine bark) which is WONDERFUL for skin and hair. I’ve seen a big difference in skin from taking MSM even on its own.

Equi London Glow Edition

Another key ingredient is antioxidant-rich turmeric which helps to brighten skin and decrease inflammation. All I know that whoever gets this will be really appreciative if they are into skincare!

L’AVES Eyes Like Steel Eye Serum

And if you are stuck on the best Christmas gift ideas then there is always skincare. This year I’m making it a point to support smaller businesses, who have been hit hard in 2020. It’s nice to support local talent as well and L’AVES Natural Skincare is a gorgeous British brand to support. The whole collection is divine (100% vegan, 100% Palm Oil Free, 90% organic, cruelty free and made in small batches to ensure the highest quality) but the product that really stood out to me was the L’AVES Eyes Like Steel Eye Serum. This year has been long and stressful so it’s no wonder so many of us are having difficulties sleeping. I’ve been finding it harder for me to wake up in the mornings and harder for me to go to sleep at night – hence the dark circles have crept in.

L’AVES Eyes Like Steel Eye Serum L’AVES Eyes Like Steel Eye Serum L’AVES Eyes Like Steel Eye Serum

The L’AVES Eyes Like Steel Eye Serum helps to tackle dark circles and puffiness and I love that it feels so cooling under the eye. The serum contains three hyaluronic acids to ensure that the undereye area concerns are treated. Also contains Bamboo Stem Water (which promotes collagen production and improves skin elasticity), Acai Berry fruit extract and Aloe Vera to moisturise, hydrate, soften and tighten the skin.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about some of what I think are the best Christmas gift ideas. What’s on your Christmas wish list?

*post contains PR samples for testing/review purposes and some affiliate links – all opinions are my own


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