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Five Korean Beauty Products You Have To Try

As you may know from reading my blog posts I am a huge fan of Korean beauty products! I’ve written on everything about Korean beauty from beauty boxes HERE to new launches HERE. There are a lot of fun, innovative beauty products coming from South Korea – from rubber masks to snail sleeping packs. And guess what? I’m going to talk about all the fun ones in this post! I’ve got my hands on the five Korean beauty products you just have to try from some of the best Korean beauty brands out there in fact.


First up let’s talk about snails. Snail essence is huge in Korea and it’s known to work wonders on the skin. I’ve used snail essence sheet masks from Nature Republic (one of my fave K-Beauty brands) in the past and I’ve been really impressed. So when another one of my favourite K-beauty brands, Missha, launched a SUPER AQUA CELL RENEW SNAIL CREAM I had to try it! The first thing that I really love about this product is the gel-like consistency. It goes on like a gel and it sinks in really nicely – it’s cool and refreshing. The product also contains 70% snail extract! What snail mucin does is strengthen the skin. I mean snails can repair their own shells right? There has to be something strong in that mucin. I like the dewy feel that this cream leaves on my skin and it also did not irritate it in the slightest. 


Along with the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream there is also (for the night) a SUPER AQUA CELL RENEW SNAIL SLEEPING MASK which is great for a bedtime skincare routine. I really like this cream as well – it’s a cream as opposed to a gel formula so the consistency is a bit richer. It feels moisturising and again, it sinks in quickly and feels hydrating – perfect in the winter. The cream of course contains snail extract which again, helps with anti-aging by repairing damaged skin and aiding skin renewal. It also contains Baobab Tree Extract which helps to hydrate and relieve stressed skin. Yay!

MISSHA SUPER AQUA CELL RENEW SNAIL SLEEPING MASK and five korean beauty products you have to try

The next product I have is a face scrub and I LOVE face scrubs. I just find that they really make my skin feel a lot smoother and also help make my products work harder by absorbing more effectively. This K-Beauty brand I had not tried before this post which is Klairs – a brand that has really gentle products for sensitive skin. The Koreans love natural products and they love gentle products as well – think cleansing milks, rose toners and a light moisturiser. This Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Facial Polish is actually made of edible black sugar (it’s that natural!). What’s different about it is that the scrub feels oily – which is a good thing. It contains Shea Butter, Cranberry Oil and Vitamin E which along with the black sugar, feels amazing on the skin.


Now one Korean beauty brand you must try is Tony Moly! I love this K-beauty brand for its cute banana hand creams and pots of lotions and potions that come in quirky packaging. Everything that Tony Moly makes oozes with personality and cuteness that can only be described as something unique from Asia. I’ve tried their sheet masks and hand creams but had not tried any of their colour cosmetics until I got my hands on the Petite Bunny Juicy Strawberry Gloss Bar. This is a sheer lip balm that leaves just a hint of pink and tastes like strawberry. It has the cutest little cap that makes this a perfect handbag accessory.

Tony Moly Petite Bunny Juicy Strawberry Gloss Barmissha-skinare_tony-moly-lip-gloss_korean-skincare_buttermilk-skincare_klairs-scrub_korean-beauty-14

And I would expect no less of Tony Moly when I saw this Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap. This is just the kind of quirky thing that makes Tony Moly totally unique. Now both of these are – as you can see- face soaps shaped like eggs. They both work at reducing pore size and excess sebum on the skin. The white soap is for the daytime and has egg white that brightens the skin and the brown soap is for the evening and it works to tighten and tone the skin. Egg white is the key ingredient here which is a hot trend in South Korea at the moment. Now these are certainly a conversation starter so if you put these soaps in your bathroom they are bound to catch someone’s eye!

Tony Moly Egg Pore Shiny Skin Soap and Best Korean Beauty Brands

And last but not least there is a really cool trend afoot in Korea now and that is the RUBBER MASK! Yes, the sheet mask is still popular and if you like a sheet mask you better try out the rubber mask. I was so excited to try out the Lindsay Moisture Spirulina All-In-One Modelling Rubber Mask Pouch. Now one pouch is for one use so you have to use the whole thing at once.


What you have to do with this is open the pouch (there is powder inside) and then add some water to it and mix quickly until it begins to form a rubbery solution. You have to be quick about it though and then apply a very thick layer to your face. Leave it on for 20 minutes and then you just peel it off. It’s really easy to take off as well and it’s kind of fun to feel like Shrek for 20 minutes! The mask will appear rubbery – hence the name. The point of the whole rubber aspect is that it helps keep the nutrients from evaporating. Rubber masks are more effective than sheet masks and are really very hydrating. I really loved this mask and it helped to brighten my skin as well. Highly recommended! 

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