Bourjois Blogger Summer Party

The first time I ever spotted Bourjois was in South Korea in a Duty-Free shop and I remember being attracted to the bright pink of the Bourjois logo. My interest piqued but I never managed to try a product. Until now.

I was fortunate enough to go to the Bourjois Summer Blogger Event at the scenic rooftop of Global Radio in Leicester Square to experience an evening of summer beauty and see what new beauty launches Bourjois had up its pretty pink sleeve.


The first thing that caught my eye were the Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks which were spread out in an array of pinks and reds next to a lovely flower display. My personal favourites and two I got to take home were the Nude-ist and Grand Cu, both of which are new additions to the range.

DSCF9554 DSCF9555


Nude-ist is best described as an everyday colour of dusky rose while the Grand Cu is a deep, dark burgundy red which was really dark on me with my fair skin but definitely made a statement. This is a lip colour I would certainly be taken seriously in!


For any fair skinned beauties out there I would recommend Nude-ist for the day and Grand Cu if you want to make a statement. Grand Cu should be worn with minimal make-up elsewhere for a classic look.


Grand Cu Velvet Rouge Liptstick


Nude-ist Velvet Rouge Lipstick


Another exciting product I have discovered through Bourjois and didn’t even know that I needed all along is waterproof eye-liner. Their new Contour Clubbing Waterproof Pencil Shades have just come out and although I usually use a liquid eye-liner pen, I have now switched to these gliding pencils that have a creamy texture and are so accident-proof it’s amazing. I found that the eye-liner didn’t make the usual horrible marks above the crease in my eyelid and onto my eye-shadow due to its waterproof formula. And the gliding formula of the pencil makes this perfect for everyday use. The Ultra Black and Up and Brown colours are now snuggled together, safely in my make-up bag.

For those who are more daring than I there is also a Pink About You and Dynamint shade. I used the Dynamint on the weekend as a shadow, simply colouring the lower part of my eyelid. I found it didn’t budge all day and makes a great pop of the perfect amount of colour  as long as you don’t bend it up into the crease of your eyelid and beyond.

DSCF9557 DSCF9558

IMG_4207 DSCF9564


Another surprise of the evening and a new find was the Bourjois Cream Blush in new sun shades of Pink Sunwear and Tropical Coral. The Pink Sunwear suited me perfectly with my fair skin while the Tropical Coral would be great for medium skin tones. I found these extremely easy to blend. I thought I would never switch from my powder to a cream blush but have found that I have more control with a cream blush and it looks more natural as I can blend it into my skin much better.

Bourjois also left me with a contouring tutorial with their new Delice de Poudre Gold Bronzing Powder + Highlighter. The first rule of contouring is to:

1. Apply the bronzer to warm your complexion and contour your features. Sweep the bronzer along your hairline, across the hollows of your cheeks and along the sides of your nose.

2. Apply the highlighter over areas where the light naturally hits for an iridescent glow. Sweep the highlighter along the high point of your cheekbones, onto the centre of your forehead, under your eyebrows, over the bridge of your nose and onto your cupid’s bow.

DSCF9556 DSCF9560

The icing on the cake? A Bourjois mani with a fantastic bright yellow colour which has lasted for days and which I have received so many complements on. Pink leopard print nail art was added on the ring fingers-perfect finish!



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