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London Fashion Week Beauty Survival Kit

London Fashion Week can be both exciting and exhausting at the same time. So it’s important to have a toolbox full of beauty products to help you stay looking your best to keep you at the top of your game.


Let’s start with the face. We all know cleansing is extremely important, especially before bed. It’s a no brainer that you shouldn’t ever ever sleep with your make-up on. I’ve discovered a lovely facewash by Merumaya that is luxurious and rich and smells amazing. It is meant to address both anti-ageing and those who are prone to breakouts (me!) which is great because that pretty much ticks all the boxes for me. The formula itself is thick, rich and foams well so a little bit goes a long way. It contains especially chosen gentle surfactants, complemented with AC.NET™ to address blemishes. Pomegranate enzymes give mild exfoliation and assist in un-clogging skin while Rhodiola Rosea extract, Mangosteen extract and Baobab provide antioxidant protection.



The Luxury Face Wash is best paired with the Manual Cleansing Brush, which is a light and gentle cleansing brush that feels like a feather on your face. It reminds me of how it feels when you get a facial and as I tend to pull and rub at my face harder than necessary, I find that this gently cleanses and takes your hands out of the equation as you can simply swipe this around your face. I love how it feels around my eyes as it’s important to be particularly gentle with the skin there.


On the second day of London Fashion Week I noticed my skin was looking a little bit tired. Enter: Rodial Super Acids Extreme 5% Acid Micro Scrub. This contains both glycolic and salicyllic acid, along with Vitamin E and probiotic technology. I massaged this over the skin and then did a double cleanse and actually left the product on my face for a few minutes like a mask so the acids would do their work. My skin truly felt smoother and brighter after using this!



In regards to make-up it’s important to use products that are going to last all day and won’t budge while you are running around like a madwoman. I have found that Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Foundation won’t budge all day. It contains climate resistant technology that lasts through heat, humidity and moisture. Hello rainy London! This is the foundation you will need especially if the heavens decide to open up and pour down on you as they most often will do here. This is a matte foundation as well so you won’t need to use much powder with this and if you are still looking for a bit of shine, simply use a highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones.


Another gorgeous product that Elizabeth Arden does is their lipsticks. I have the Beautiful Colour Moisturising Lipstick in Rose Petal and this is a gorgeous colour that can take you from day to night. This is also a long-lasting lipstick and comes in a beautiful gold case – a perfect handbag accessory for any fashionista.



For the lips I also love Balmi, which are adorable little pots of lip balm in square pots. They come in several different flavours – I have the Coconut and the Raspberry which are good enough to eat. They come with little attachments so you can put these on your keyring and never again be without lip balm. As an added benefit to looking cute, they also provide protection against harmful UVA rays. And that is truly winning.




Nars – oh how I love thee! The Radiant Creamy Concealer does not disappoint! This has been keeping tired people look awake since it launched and it melts into skin, covering spots, dark circles and hyperpigmentation easily. You can build up the coverage with this and I found that I can even use it on spots for make-up free days and it looks like I am wearing no make-up as this truly blends in with skin. It’s also long-wearing and is your newest handbag hero.




Let’s talk about accessories! I am obsessed with Invisibobbles and my life has truly become better with them in it. They save my hair from tangles and also from kinks so when the weather gets bad and the wind is whipping through my freshly blow-dried hair, I simply put my hair up in an invisibobble in clear and can release it later indoors without it having kinks in it.

Another adorable accessory for the handbag is the Lottie London #selfieready hand mirror. This fits perfectly in a clutch and is great for make-up touch ups on the go.



Last but certainly not least is mental health! During London Fashion Week, it can be quite stressful running around from show to show. Here’s where Viridian steps in with their L-Theanine & Lemon Balm Supplements. These aid in calming your mental state and getting your zen back. Perfect for stressed or strung out fashionistas! They have been shown to benefit people suffering from symptoms such as feeling restless, anxious, tense, and nervous as well as difficulty sleeping, poor concentration and brain fog. I like to take these during particularly stressful or chaotic weeks!




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