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Hello 2018! Best New Beauty Launches

Well, 2018 has certainly kicked off and I’ve been BUSY. There have been some seriously fabulous new beauty launches this month that I just have to share with you. These are the best of the best that caught my eye! From hot hair launches from the U.S.A. to L’Oreal’s new innovative primers, here are some of the best new beauty launches this month.

best new beauty launches


IGK Hair

I first discovered this cool hair brand in Sephora on my Christmas trip back home to the States. With cool packaging, innovative formulas and being free-from it’s no wonder this brand caught my eye. I was thrilled that they launched this week in the UK at Space NK and I’ve been trying the products that I was given at the event ever since. Here are the ones I love.

IGK Hair

Beach Club

I love a texturising salt spray because they are perfect for my fine hair and give a bit of body. However, I don’t use them too much because I’m always worried they are going to dry out my hair. Some people use salt sprays pretty liberally but they can dull your hair over time. So guess how excited I was when I discovered the IGK Beach Club spray? This is a salt-free texturising spray that does the job of a salt spray without the salt. The formula is buildable as well so volume and beach waves here I come! And an added bonus? UV protection to boot.

Beach Club

Rich Kid

With a name like Rich Kid, you can’t help be enthralled with this product, again from IGK. This is coconut oil-infused gel that helps to give you that piecy, lived-in look. You know, kind of like a rock star. It moisturizes hair and is perfect for my fine, wavy hair because it gives me the tousled, just got out of bed look that I love. You just need to apply it to towel-dried hair and let your hair air dry – that’s it!

IGK Rich KidIGK Rich Kid

Jet Lag

I live for dry shampoos. Honestly, I use them every day. They just save so much time and save wear and tear on your hair because you don’t have to then wash it every day. Also what is genius about the dry hair shampoo from IGK is that there are different cleanse levels. Jet Lag is the lightest one for when you just need a light cleanse. This might be good for day 1 hair. It’s also interesting that you can apply these at night before you go to bed so the oil gets soaked up while you sleep! This one contains volcanic ash, ginger root and mango extracts and it smells amazing without that chemical smell you often find in dry shampoo.

IGK Jet Lag

Direct Flight

IGK Direct Flight is the medium cleanse level dry shampoo. This one is volumizing as well as oil-absorbing and contains turmeric and charcoal powder. Perhaps a good one for day 2 hair.

IGK direct flight

First Class

This is my favourite of the IGK dry shampoo range – First Class is the deepest cleanse level and seeing as I have an oily scalp this one works the best for me. This is a heavy-duty dry shampoo that is great for oily hair or post-workout. It contains charcoal powder and white tea powder that soothes the scalp and absorbs oil. I love that the scent doesn’t smell like chemicals and this is the most beautiful dry hair shampoo I’ve ever seen!

Hair Rituel by Sisley

Something really exciting is launching from Sisley, the luxury Parisian beauty brand. The brand is Hair Rituel and it’s all about scalp care with the understanding that the cells in the skin and the scalp are very similar and therefore the same factors that age your skin (stress, pollution, etc.) also damage your hair. Therefore the whole range has been designed with the scalp in mind. Innovative, indeed.

Hair Rituel by SisleyHair Rituel by Sisley

The entire range is also unisex with slick packaging that will catch the eye of both men and women. I’ve got a travel size set that contains the Revitalising Smoothing Shampoo. Restructuring Conditioner, Regenerating Hair Mask, Revitalizing Volumising Shampoo, Precious Hair Oil and Revitalising Fortifying Serum. This is the entire hair programme from Hair Rituel to cover everything from cleansing to fortifying the hair. 

Hair Rituel by SisleyHair Rituel by Sisley

My favourite product is the Revitalising Fortifying Serum which targets the scalp for stronger and denser hair. My hair is very fine so anything that helps strengthen it is good in my books. The serum smells amazing and feels incredible massaged into the scalp before bed. 

Hair Rituel by SisleyHair Rituel by Sisley


Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

I’ve always been a fan of Benefit’s mascara and this new one is no different. It’s amazing, actually. The formula is really silky so it glides through lashes to really lengthen and I like that that wand is long and thin so you can reach those tiny eyelashes in the inner corner of your eye. This is a 36-hour formula that is all about creating volume. The mascara even has aero-particles which is a super-light material derived from space technology. So, you could really say that this mascara is totally out of this world. If you splurge on one thing this month…you know what it is.

Benefit Bad Gal Bang MascaraBenefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara

L’Oreal Infallible Primer Shots

Pore-Refining, Anti-Fatigue, Luminizing, Anti-Redness, Mattifying Primer

L’Oreal always has fun launches and I was lucky enough to attend their latest where they launched 5 fabulous primers. Basically, the concept is that you can mix and match your primers for different areas your skin so say you might use the Mattifying Primer on your forehead but use the Pore-Refining Primer across your nose and the Anti-Redness Primer on your cheeks.

I’ve tried each of them and I have to say I really love them for being so lightweight – they blend so well and just meld into the skin. My favourite of the primers has to be the Anti-Fatigue primer which is a peachy-toned primer that you apply to make your skin look more alive! I will definitely be needing this during London Fashion Week. Another favourite is the Anti-Redness Primer which is green and neutralizes any redness on the face. Simply fabulous!

L’Oreal Infallible Primer ShotsL’Oreal Infallible Primer ShotsL’Oreal Infallible Primer ShotsL’Oreal Infallible Primer ShotsL’Oreal Infallible Primer ShotsL’Oreal Infallible Primer Shots

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Shaping Stick Foundation

In addition to the Infallible Primers, L’Oreal has also launched a new range of Infallible Sticks – foundation, strobing and blush. I love the Infallible Shaping Stick Foundation. It really does blend amazingly for a stick foundation and it’s really creamy, melting into the skin. I love that you can use this on the go or when you are in a hurry. The sticks also come in a blush or a strobe stick – again, making make-up on the run easy as. The pigment is great in the foundation and enough to be a concealer so this is definitely going in my handbag!

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Shaping Stick FoundationL’Oreal Paris Infallible Shaping Stick FoundationL’Oreal Paris Infallible Shaping Stick Foundation

EcoTools Confidence in Bloom Beauty Kit  

EcoTools is one of my favourite make-up brush brands because they are cruelty-free and also affordable. The brushes are really good and so soft as well. This set is a limited edition one and comes with 8 limited edition brushes as well as a storage tray. And honestly between these 8 brushes it pretty much covers all your make-up brush needs so you just need this one set for all your make-up needs. Brushes include Airbrush Complexion, Classic Concealer, Full Setting, Precision Powder, Precision Shadow, Blurring Shadow, Micro Smudge and Flat Liner.

EcoTools Confidence in Bloom Beauty Kit  

I hope you enjoyed my favourite new beauty launches for February! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @beautyrocksblog for all my adventures in beautyland!

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